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Red Spirit Energy Healing free discovery session.

This service is no longer available

Originally designed in 2007, the concept of a Free Discovery Session was developed as a 15 minute introduction for face-to-face clients. It was particularly designed for those who had not previously experienced any form of energy healing. Since then, Chris and I have adapted it to apply to anyone, anywhere in the world. In truth, it's what sets us apart from other therapists. We do not claim to be better, just different.

As of October 14th 2022, we have completed 3,580* Disovery Sessions online. This figure does not include fairs and expos where we meet people face to face. Over the past 15 years we have gained a great deal of knowledge through discovery sessions and thank everyone for their feedback.

We have now decided o bring this service to an end, and we apologise if you landed on this page from an outdated link. If you have genuine, specific, concerns or questions on what we may be able to offer you, contact Mark or Chris. Or you could always jump straight in and organise a healing session wherever you are on the planet.

*Stats from Solo Build It website Form Data since April 2008.

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Read what others say.

June 1st 2020
I am amazed how accurate the result was I didn't expect this at all. I am dealing with a lot of trauma and anxiety in my life and it affects my physical body in many ways just as you described. You are right about the specific inflamed areas such as the right side of my head and stomach. Something that surprised me was the mention about my ancestral line and how it affects me which is also true. Just wow I am speechless, thank you so much Mark!"

May 25th 2020
Omg Mark so spot on!!!
Nailed it about pain in my legs and in particular left hip area!!!
Thankyou Mark

March 22nd 2020
Truly remarkable. I am extremely impressed; moved to tears, actually. I can correlate many of your perceptions to past, current, and particularly ongoing conditions physically, mentally & emotionally.

"this discovery session is very accurate ... it resonates deeply and covers some blocks that i sensed have been present for many years as well as those that ive perceived more recently ... this reading also gives me a sense of comfort as it gives me a clearer description of things ive sensed but didnt always know how to access or articulate..."

"I don't know what to say, I am speechless! You are spot on with your findings on the discovery session. This just goes to show how well you work considering the fact that the person you were carrying out the session for is thousands of miles away. I am so impressed. If this is what you can do with hardly any information about my husband except his date of birth and name, I cannot imagine what you are capable of with the required information to carry out a healing session. Thank you so much!"

"Nice work. I do suffer from headaches and have since I was very young. I do also have sciatica, so you were spot on. If I may trouble you once more to ask a question...."

"When I read you session, I wanted to cry; it's exactly how I have been feeling. I have had a very horrible time lately and..."

"Thank you so much for doing my discover session. It was very interesting. The throat issue is interesting because I very rarely get throat issues but on Wednesday at around 5pm out of nowhere I started a painful sore throat...Yes I do get headaches a lot..."

"As a healer myself I was very impressed with your healing session outcome..."

"I was shocked and impressed with results!! I do have problems with digestion and headaches that won't go away with medication..."

"The discovery session was amazing!! How you are able to read and give such detail with the little information you are provided and from a distance is so exact on physical aliments and medical conditions, I have to believe in the emotional pain too!"