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TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds of Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED gives millions of knowledge-seekers around the globe direct access to the world's thought leaders. We abide by the TED Terms of Use and hope you enjoy this short selection I feel are relevant to the Red Spirit theme. Not all video clips come from TED, and you may need to download Adobe Flash Player to view them.

yes to life

During a conversation with Angella Nazarian on what it means to be a visionary and a volunteer, Sadhguru looks at how the key to taking charge of your life is to become willing - to become an absolute YES to life!

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans
Daniel Amen

Belinda Neil - cerebellum exercise for ptsd

I first became aware of the benefit of cerebellum exercises after reading the book Under Siege by Belinda Neil, originally published in 2014. Belinda entered the New South Wales police force at age 19. Belinda's police career included undercover work, homicide investigation and hostage negotiation, including counter terrorism. Understandably, the job took it's toll on Belinda who eventually developed all the signs of PTSD and the breakdown of her marriage. Belinda now speaks about her experiences and is a strong advocate of raising awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion 

In this fascinating talk Rupert Sheldrake in The Science of Delusion questions current scientific dogmas and challenges us to reconsider them. According to TED, talks like Sheldrakes ‘strays well beyond the realms of reasonable science. Yet, ironically, this philosophical talk is exactly about such opinions of what science is and is not. Watch the controversial talk here.

The War on Consciousness

This talk is by Graham Hancock and called The War on Consciousness. Graham talks about the end of his 24 year Cannabis addiction and how another ecodelic drug named Ayahuasca helped to change his consciousness for the better. He argues that we live in a culture that wages war on certain states of mind and promotes others.

Just for fun: A Tale of Two Brains

In this entertaining film on YouTube, marriage expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and women. There is a whole series of humorous presentations by Mark but this 13 minute excerpt is particularly funny in reference to dealing with stress and the difference between men and women.

A Stroke of Genius

Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions of motion, speech, self-awareness; all shut down one by one. An astonishing story. It's one of my favourites and is also featured on our Energy Healing page. 

Priceless Gift

Stacey Kramer offers a moving, personal, 3-minute parable that shows how an unwanted experience, frightening, traumatic, costly; can turn out to be a priceless gift.

Superstring Theory

Physicist Brian Greene explains superstring theory, the idea that miniscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe.

Mind Brain Link 

Vilayanur Ramachandran tells us what brain damage can reveal about the connection between cerebral tissue and the mind, using three startling delusions as examples.

Invisible Forces

Tony Robbins discusses the "invisible forces" that motivate everyone's actions. As a side note, the member in the audience Tony interacts with is Al Gore. Also a special note, there is some coarse language used.


Sebastian Seung is mapping a massively ambitious new model of the brain that focuses on the connections between each neuron. He calls it our "connectome," and it's as individual as our genome. Understanding it could open a new way to understand our brains and our minds.

Help the Body Heal Itself

Dean Ornish talks about simple, low-tech and low-cost ways to take advantage of the body's natural desire to heal itself.

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