Glossary of terms used in describing Red Spirit Energy Healing.

Glossary of terms

Anchoring: Is a term used for the process by which you apply a stimulus, be that a gesture, touch or sound at the peak of a state, either in oneself or someone else. The desired state is then anchored to the stimulus which can then be recalled or re-activated by reapplying the gesture, touch or sound. The stimulus may be quite neutral or even out of conscious awareness, and the response may be either positive or negative. They are capable of being formed and reinforced by repeated stimuli, and thus are analogous to classical conditioning.

Astral Time: A dimension where exploration of events in the past, future and sideways can be explored. During sleep, many people enter astral time to continue their experiences in a non-physical form. It is possible to work on past aspects of one's Self, continue lessons, help others, as well as interact with ancestors. Commonly referred to as astral travel, but this is an inaccurate term.

Aura: Generally accepted as a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object; Commonly associated with colours. Tends to be a catchall term describing everything surrounding a person, when in reality it is a small range of frequencies within or existing as, part of the complex biofield.

Being: A broad term for any existence that expresses consciousness, but does not necessarily have a form we recognise. They could be energy beings, physical beings, light beings, gas, etc.

Beliefs: Subjective ideas a being holds to be true based on experiences and underlying values. Beliefs determine an individuals actions and actions determine results. Limiting beliefs restrict the life experience of a being and are treated as self created interference.

Biofield: Commonly referred to as the energetic matrix that surrounds and creates the human form. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways to create the physical form and all other vibratory aspects of the being. However, all forms of life have a biofield. Commonly referred to as the aura, but is not strictly accurate as the biofield comprises multiple frequencies and information.

Blockage: Any restriction or cessation of energy flow within the human biofield.

Blueprint: This is one vibratory aspect that makes up a being, sometimes referred to as our Spatial aspect or plane. This is our life path mapped out to the extent of significant experiences to be achieved in an existence. It also maps or interlocks the aspects of a being that are needed to follow a path and is intricately coded with the DNA. Although it is described as a blueprint it is only one aspect. It is more like the interconnecting wiring or circuitry of all aspects of a being, and has the potential to be corrupted.   

Central Cord: The central cord runs down the centre or mid-line of the body, head to toe. It is the zero point around which the various vibratory states of the being coalesce to create a physical existence. It connects the being to all there is.

Change: is the order and sequence of the internal representations of the mind toward achieving a desired outcome; remedial change (immediate) is focusing on the problem; generative change (progressive) is empowering a person to find the solution.

Clearing: Release, removal or shifting of unwanted energies. Most commonly referred to in clearing negative energies as opposed to releasing emotions. Can be related to clearing energies from people, places, homes or objects.

Cord: Commonly recognised as an unconscious energy connection, between two people. Cords can also connect people to places, objects and even organisations. The effect of such cords depends on the intent with which they were made.

Curse: A deliberate projection of negative energy toward a being with the intent of creating sustained chaos. The effects experienced may not be recognised as a curse by the recipient. The effects of the act can be significantly reinforced by the beliefs of the recipient; can be inherited.

Doubt: Is defined as a complete and total trust in a belief you do not prefer.

Energy: Some would describe it as information that vibrates, which is true, but the core essence of that is sunlight. Everything is energy composed of sub-atomic, quantum packets of light. Quanta, plural for quantum, are packets of light energy which are directly proportional to the light frequency. Light energy is capable of infinite frequencies allowing transformation from matter to non-matter and back again continuously. 

Energy Healing: A broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body or biofield, to restore balance across multiple dimensions, thereby enabling the physical body to heal itself; can be extended to aid any living creature including the land. It can be complementary to other healing modalities as well as an alternative therapy within its own right. 

Energy Therapist: A practitioner skilled in identifying and clearing energy blockages within, or connected to, a living biofield, in order to induce multidimensional healing. 

Entity: An inter-dimensional interference with form, that has conscious awareness. Generally interpreted as a being that causes interference of others as opposed to helper beings.

Entrainment: A basic definition of entrainment is the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. It can also be described as a state where whenever two or more oscillators in the same field are pulsing at nearly the same rate, they tend to "lock in" and begin pulsing at exactly the same rate. The powerful rhythmic vibrations from one source will cause less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into the vibration of the first source.

Fear: Is and indication that your belief systems are out of alignment with your true self; it is your own energy being filtered through belief systems that are out of alignment. Clear the fear by bringing your belief systems back into alignment.

Flow: The mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task; is a strong contributor to creativity. When in flow, the creator and the universe become one, outside distractions recede from consciousness and one's mind is fully open and attuned to the act of creating. Flow is essential to creativity and well-being across many aspects of life from sports, to music, physics, religion, spirituality and sex.

Free Will: The right to make choices in determining or experiencing a life path. It is not a universal law and can be overridden depending on the consequences in exercising free will choice. Any choices require agreements and contracts to be made at some level.

Galactic Federation: Many names and much misdirected derision has been attributed to this group; hence there is much confusion with regards to their role. With regards to human existence, it's the responsibility of the Galactic Federation to regulate any interaction between humans and other intergalactic beings or energies. The Federation may be approached to intercede if interference or actions against free will are evident.

Gatekeeper: The being designated to control the use or access of a portal depending on the intent of that portal. The gatekeeper is responsible for the positioning of the portal to minimise the affect on neighbouring energy systems. Gatekeepers can also be attributed to some beings for personal protection.

Gatekeeper (spiritual): During sleep, many people enter astral time to continue their experiences in a non-physical form. It is the role of their Gatekeeper to keep them safe from interference. However, in order for their protection to be effective, there needs to be a belief in and acknowledgement of their role as well as a request for their help.

Genetic hereditary cycle: An inherited cycle of cause and effect created by the act of an ancestor at some point in time. Can be separate or inclusive of the life path of the descendant, it will cycle throughout time until it is brought back into balance for the benefit of the whole ancestral line. These cycles can facilitate the infiltration by inter-dimensional interference.

Genetic hereditary pattern: An inherited imbalance affecting any of the vibratory states and any DNA aspect of the descendants causing imbalances on the physical, emotional or mental planes. Patterns may be caused by errors in development or be pre-planned to create experiences on the earth plane. Read more about genetic patterns and cycles.

Grounding: The act of connecting to the energy field of the Earth via the base chakra and chakras in the feet.

Guides: Energy beings in other realms of vibration designated to help or "guide" a person along their life path. Many view them as angels or spirits or past family members, but this is a very limiting view. Guides can be of any origin and in any form; they may have experienced a life on Earth but not always.

High Council: A collective within the higher realms presiding over the blueprint of beings contracted to experience a particular life path. They determine the significance of the consequences of any being requesting to change their life path. Changes may or may not be allowed, depending on those consequences.

Higher Self: Higher Self; Ultra Self or True Self: Created from the Universal Source essence, it is the portion of a human Spirit that remains in a higher state of vibration closer to, or directly connected to, the Source. The Higher Self has the potential to experience more than one existence, in any form, on any planet, on any dimension, at any single point in time.

Homeostasis: Basically means balanced or stable physiological systems within a normal range. The human body manages a multitude of highly complex interactions to maintain balance or return systems to functioning within a normal range. These interactions within the body facilitate compensatory changes supportive of physical and psychological functioning.

Intent: The vibratory initiation or thought toward a desired outcome. True intent can not be hidden by actions of subterfuge; cause and effect are created by true intent.

Interference: Any influence or energy that limits, distorts or openly disrupts the life experience or behaviour of a being. This is regardless of whether or not the being is aware of that interference or believes in the existence of such an influence. The interference may or may not be consciously aware of what it is doing. It may or may not be controlled by another. The interference can originate from many different sources including self created.

Lore: Based on ancient knowledge and underpinned by Universal Laws, Lore describes the rules to a multi-dimensional existence on Earth. Commonly understood by the traditional custodians, the interpretation of Lore varies from land to land and is reflected in varying customs.

Metaprogrammes: are content free filters to perception; the unconscious keys to the way a person processes information. They are patterns of thinking that help determine how we form our internal representations and direct our behaviours; the internal programmes we use in deciding what we pay attention to. Is the glass half full or half empty type of thinking, as one example.

Mindset: In general terms a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by one or more people or groups of people. A mindset can also be seen as arising out of a person's world view or philosophy of life. From an energy healing perspective, it's the brain and interconnected matrix, with attendant systems we call the mindset; it's more to do with autonomic brain wave function. Manipulation of the major body systems can induce physical changes to the brain and the energetic matrix leading to changes in mindset; significant trauma can also be a factor in change. Changes can be induced or forced by others, without permission from the individual involved and overrides basic principles of free will. Although it tends to be permanent, there is limited potential for changes in mindset to be reversed or altered, albeit with great difficulty. 

Passenger: A spirit or energy being that a person has agreed to carry or be a vehicle for, with the intent of completing a journey, task or desire. Passengers are usually overt rather than hidden and will overlay the energy field of their host. Once ensconced they are sometimes reluctant to leave or do not know how to be released from their host. In some cases they can be very manipulative.

Portal: An opening or connection between different dimensions for the purpose of travelling between realms or the transferring of energy or information. A portal is bi-directional as opposed to a vortex which is one-way energy flow. Portals commonly have a gatekeeper to regulate access or use of the portal depending upon the intent of the portal.

Protection: The act of applying energy or light based techniques to prevent attachment, attack or adverse effect from external energies, also referred to as interference. Techniques vary and depend on the perceptions and beliefs of the person as well as the situation or likely encounters. One size does not fit all and no single technique is totally effective. 

Psychosis: Is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. Can be a symptom of serious mental disorders. People who are experiencing psychosis may have either hallucinations or delusions. Hallucinations are sensory experiences that occur within the absence of an actual stimulus. The person experiencing psychosis may also have thoughts that are contrary to actual evidence. These thoughts are known as delusions. Some people with psychosis may also experience loss of motivation and social withdrawal. These experiences can be frightening. They may also cause people who are experiencing psychosis to hurt themselves or others. 

Schizophrenia: A disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel and behave clearly. The exact cause of schizophrenia isn't known, but a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain chemistry and structure may play a role. Schizophrenia is characterised by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality, disorganised speech or behaviour and decreased participation in daily activities. Difficulty with concentration and memory may also be present. Treatment is usually lifelong and often involves a combination of medications, psychotherapy and coordinated speciality care services.

Shift: A change in the perceptions or awareness of a person, whether consciously or unconsciously, with a corresponding realignment of energies. Also referred to when energies move to a higher state of vibration.

Socratic method: (also known as method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate), named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates, is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

Soul: That portion of the Higher Self designed to experience life in human form. Also known as the Spirit. Some modalities refer to the Soul as being separate to the Spirit; with the Soul being the vehicle for the Spirit to experience life.

Source: More accurately the Universal Source, is the creating energy for all that is. Some would refer to the Source as God, but this is a very limiting human perception. All things eventually return to the Universal Source to renew and begin again. Also referred to as Divine Spirit.

Spirit: 1) An all encompassing term to describe the Universal Source essence creating and connecting everyone with everything in existence. Spirit connects and acts as a vehicle for animate and inanimate objects to communicate and experience their existence across multiple dimensions.

2) In terms of Human Spirit, the Source essence coalesces to create what is commonly described as the Higher Self. A portion of the Higher Self essence can then experience a human life as the individual Spirit of a human being. The Higher Self can explore multiple existences as multiple Spirits at the same time. Everything is simply a vibratory aspect of the Universal Source essence.

Stress: Within the modality of energy healing, stress is any internal or external stimuli that causes the body to diverge from homeostasis known as homeostatic imbalance.  The stimuli can be physical, emotional or mental and is compounded by belief systems. It's the response to this homeostatic imbalance which causes imbalances or symptoms in the body, which in turn is commonly referred to as "stress". The response can be reflected in many ways including anxiety and physical pain; the key then is to clear the stimuli to regain homeostatic balance.

Third Eye Anatomy: The third eye is a spiritual concept associated with enlightenment and direct communication with a higher plane of existence. The third eye is a meta-organ with the pituitary gland, thalamus, hypothalamus and pineal, working in concert.

Torus Field (Protection): An electromagnetic energy field surrounding a being to block or disrupt the attachment of interference or misguided energies. Can be interpreted as an electromagnetic bottle of a particular frequency matched to the being. Created by and connected to Earth energy, it will dissolve in time if not recharged; offers limited protection from pre-existing attachments.

Traditional Custodians: Commonly accepted as the first inhabitants of a land wherein their physical and spiritual connection with the Earth was as one. A connection maintained in the Spirit realm as keepers of ancient knowledge striving to maintain balance across multiple dimensions of planet Earth according to ancient rules of Lore

Universal Laws: The natural precepts governing all energies and life forms in existence. It should be noted that free will is not a universal law.

Values: What’s important to an individual in a particular context. Principles upon which an individual's life is founded, made up of beliefs and ideals arising from the person's culture and family of origin, combined with life experiences. Values change with life experiences.; values have a hierarchy of importance; values provide all upfront motivation.

Vortex: A spiral energy flow connecting two differing dimensions or two different locations within the same dimension. Travel through a portal is one-way. Commonly not controlled by a gatekeeper but there can be exceptions to this.

Will Centres: Multiple aspects of a  human being coexisting at a determination point; these determination points will exist within control centres such as chakras, psychic channel and/or third eye anatomy. The resultant will centre has consciousness and can be communicated with; also has the potential to inhibit any healing that is offered. A human being can have one or multiple will centres; there is no set prescription and is determinant upon the choice of the incarnate soul. The posterior chakras are commonly described as will centres, but this is inaccurate.

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