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How can I protect myself from psychic attack?Energy Protection for Muggles eBook

“How can I protect myself from psychic attack?”
This is a question Christine and I are commonly asked, almost on a daily basis. In reality, psychic attack depending on your interpretation is not all that common, and the whole concept of needing protection can be a contentious topic. In fact, it can be a downright taboo subject in some circles. Having said that, from our experience we are acutely aware that negative energies can be projected by others, either deliberately or subconsciously.

The effect of any negative projection can continue for many years, if not centuries. This is evidenced by many indigenous cultures around the world, still employing or continuing to believe in such practices. Just as importantly, what most people fail to recognise is that we are all multi-dimensional energy beings living in a very toxic environment. Not only is our biofield flooded by our own thoughts and feelings, it is constantly bombarded with the energy of others and waves of electromagnetic pollution. 

In our work, Chris and I have dealt with a plethora of misguided energies and inter-dimensional interference in various forms. In the extreme cases I would have to say that yes, curses and psychic attacks do occur, along with demonic possession. Other forms of interference are described in the pages Entities and Interference. While getting off the subject somewhat, the taboo topic of Extraterrestrial Implants is also worth considering whenever discussing aspects of interference.

I have to stress that these are not all that common and hopefully you will never experience such extreme influences in your lifetime. Much of the negative energy we experience is simply an aspect of human existence, and although a fact of life, its influence should not be underestimated. This influence includes the potential for anyone to deliberately direct negative energy or influence to another person. If you choose to interpret that as psychic attack then so be it. This is just one aspect of the negativity and disruptive energies that have the potential to influence us on a daily basis. Hence the title of this book replacing Psychic with Energy Protection for a holistic approach to staying safe along the journey of life.

In the end, everything is simply energy. With all that in mind, we have collated our various techniques for clearing and protection into one book. These are techniques that can be applied to yourself, family members and even your home for a holistic approach to energy protection. Now we are talking about protection from the environment surrounding us, whether it's energy as a direct projection from others, or as a result of electromagnetic pollution. Techniques covered in the eBook Psychic Energy Protection for Muggles include:

  • Understanding Sacred Balance for protection
  • Daily Energy Balancing Exercise
  • Cord Cutting
  • Triple Protection Process
  • House Clearing
  • Home Protection
  • Enhanced home protection using crystals
  • Protecting others and family

Everyone can learn and practise these techniques as there really is no such thing as a Muggle. Everyone has the ability to work with energy and create magic on a daily basis. Accept these simple but powerful tools, and you will be transformed from a Muggle to a Master of energy protection.

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