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Our fees reflect valued commitment.

Our services and fees reflect the level of commitment we offer our clients. Depending on the individual situation, this commitment can include follow-up contact for weeks after a final healing session. We also accept that adjustments and coaching between sessions to keep clients moving forward, is part of the healing journey. In the end, engaging in the services we offer is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your family.
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Fees & services updated July 2022
All fees are in Australian Dollars.
Payment can be Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer.
Contact Mark to arrange healing sessions.

Although a series of three healing sessions are routinely recommended for best resultseveryone is unique and needs will vary. Speak to Mark to discuss your specific needs & options.

  • Energy Healing Intensive
    Face-to-face session at Flaxton: $220 AUD per session
    The "Intensive Session" format includes the clearing of hereditary influences, inter-dimensional interference, trauma, specific age related events and more. The session is commonly conducted by two practitioners offering multiple perspectives. You will need to allow 90 minutes with us, as a session is a three part journey including Exploration, Clearing and then Recovery.  
    What happens in a healing session?

  • Please Note: Weekend sessions can be arranged. However, we do require a non-refundable deposit in advance to secure an appointment time on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Follow-up Healing Session
    Face-to-face follow-up session at Flaxton: $150 AUD 
    This one hour session is designed for those who have previously completed an Intensive Healing Session with us. It's designed to clear minor blockages and re-balance the various energetic planes that shape the biofield. The intent is to facilitate ongoing, positive change.

  • Distant Healing
    Worldwide distant healing session: $257 AUD
    A distant healing session follows a similar format to the Energy Healing Intensive and includes a 30 minute follow-up call after each session. We will call you wherever you are on the planet, as long as there is phone reception.
    Follow-up calls are recorded for online MP3 download.
    Three sessions are commonly recommended for best results but everyone is different with unique needs.
    Sessions are generally spaced a week apart.
    All distant healing sessions must be paid in advance.
    An invoice will be sent for online payment.
    Fee for one session is $257 AUD
    Distant session FAQ can be downloaded here.

  • House and Property Report $77 AUD
    This is a world-wide service.
    We receive many requests for house clearing and questions on what is affecting a home or property. To establish what may be impacting the property and residents, we need to complete a remote viewing and report our findings. If you accept and go ahead with our recommendations, this fee will be credited toward the final cost, which may vary from the base rate, depending on the problems encountered. Our intent is to establish what is required before we begin.
    To arrange a report contact Mark.

  • House and Property Clearing $257 AUD (base rate)
    An upfront $77 AUD fee is required for the initial report.
    before we begin. Contact Mark to arrange an initial report.

  • Psychic readings by Chris $95 AUD
    Visit Chris at Flaxton or arrange a phone reading anywhere in the world. Readings are 45 minutes duration and are recorded for online download in MP3 format.
    To arrange a reading contact Christine.

DISCLAIMER: All persons requesting the services of Red Spirit Energy Healing must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a legal guardian. Fees for distant healing are to be paid in advance. We can not work on any person without their permission. It is the readers and/or clients responsibility to do their own research and seek professional medical advice in every instance. Any individual who has a specific health problem or is taking medications must first seek advice from their personal physician or health-care provider. Do not cease any medication without appropriate professional advice. Full terms & conditions.

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