Genetic Hereditary Patterns & Cycles

Past lives and genetic, hereditary patterns, along with inter-dimensional interferences, all have the potential to influence your life in many different ways.

Genetic hereditary patterns along with past lives and inter-dimensional interference, all have the potential to influence your life in many different ways. These influences can be extremely debilitating and often go unrecognised. 

Ancestral Influences

I have opened this page because we find ourselves consistently dealing with the influences from ancestral lines affecting our clients. When I describe clearing the negative energies from the ancestral line of either the Mother or Father of a client, we are inevitably asked the same question, "what exactly was affecting me?" This is a question that, often as not, is impossible to answer. For us to analyse and understand every aspect of the influences coming down the ancestral line, may in some cases, take a lifetime. Occasionally we do get glimpses of specific imbalances but not very often. Sometimes we have to deal with one ancestor after another, individually resolving their needs to release negative energies or attachments. Other times we have to enfold time and space to complete a collective clearing of the line, never knowing what specifics are involved.

My point is that we need to accept that everything is energy, and negative energy travelling down the ancestral line for whatever reason, has the potential to impact the descendants. We also need to accept that clearing genetic hereditary patterns will have a benefit for all the descendants. I hope that the following explanation will help your understanding in this matter.

An individual may also inherit energetic patterns or cycles from the Father, Mother or both.Hereditary patterns or cycles could go back many generations.

Numerous causes for ancestral imbalances

Along with any of our own past life imbalances we may choose to bring into our current existence, an individual may also inherit patterns or cycles from the Father, Mother, or both. These patterns or cycles could go back many generations. Yes, there is a great understanding by medical science as to inherited traits and predisposition to some diseases, but we commonly see influences to a client that are not possible to diagnose. Along with our genetic makeup, it's possible to inherit patterns of thinking, limiting emotional patterns and imbalances created by the single act of an ancestor that continues to cycle through time.

There can be many reasons why we experience ancestral imbalances. Sometimes it's a matter of choice to take on these patterns or cycles as a means of experiencing certain aspects in a current existence. Once all the aspects or learning's have been explored, it's then possible to clear the pattern or cycle for the benefit of ancestors and descendants. It's also possible you volunteered simply to help the ancestors bring an imbalance in check; something they have previously failed to do.

Another reason is that sometimes an act in the distant past creates trauma or some other imbalance that cycles through time. This can often include inter-dimensional interference taking advantage of the imbalance to create some influence in other dimensions of time down the ancestral line. I term it as “open doors”, allowing influences in. And the final reason why a being is experiencing ancestral imbalances is the simple fact of a “mistake” being made. Yes that's right, there is no perfect system, until that system ends. So there are many reasons and there can be any combination of reasons why a being is affected by hereditary cycles or patterns.

Contracts made by ancestors can be inherited

Whatever the reason, it's possible that an event, contract or agreement, entered into by an ancestor many generations in the past, can cycle through time. The resultant effect or energy, has the potential to influence the existence of any descendants. We see this on a regular basis. Many clients have described to us how their life feels out of control; how their best efforts in life seem to be sabotaged at some level; how, despite all the work on healing themselves, they just don't seem to move forward. Again, I have to say that we hear this on a regular basis. Most people and many practitioners just don't realise the potential effect from ancestral patterns or cycles.

There are too many possible scenarios to describe everything here, so I'll just give one or two examples of what we mean. We have often heard it said, or said it ourselves at some stage, "you're just like your father"...or whomever. This is likely to be true on a superficial level, but consider why some people act, or react, they way they do. I would like to give you one example from an infinite range of possibilities; let's look at anger. We all know someone who has an angry temper just like one of their parents. Just consider that it may be possible to actually trace that anger back in time, perhaps many generations, along an ancestral line to a particular event. Clear that event and the resultant emotion at its cause, and it will no longer affect the rest of the ancestral line. It just seems to disappear, or at least it no longer has the explosive nature usually experienced by the descendant.

genetic hereditary patterns and relationships

It's sometimes acknowledged by our clients that they either did not, or currently do not, get along with one of their parents. It's often rationalised as a "personality clash". This is often reflected in other relationships with the same sex as the parent in question. This type of pattern can sometimes be seen in their own parents, grandparents and so on. The problem is, we generally do not know enough of our family history to be able to trace it back more that one or two generations. Many people like to blame their last failed relationship on many causes.

Often relationship problems can be traced back one or two generations, and sometimes many more.Often relationship problems can be traced back one or two generations, and sometimes many more.

I suggest that some relationship problems can be traced back along the ancestral line, sometimes just one or two generations, and sometimes many more. The actual cause of the inherited pattern or imbalance could have been created in any number of ways. But, clear that imbalance back in time, and life has a way of moving forward in a much more positive direction.

I have added this page because, as I previously said, we see hereditary imbalances on a regular basis. Most people just don't accept it. If I describe seeing one in your discovery session, then it's likely to be having a significant impact on your life. How or why is usually unknown, until we dig down to the cause in a healing session. So when you say to me, "I just don't understand where this is coming from, it seems like something outside of myself"...I believe you. And what's more, we can clear genetic hereditary patterns with our unique healing practises for the benefit of the ancestors and the descendants. Sometimes with astounding results.

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