What are they?

the taboo subject of entities and INTERFERENCE

Some of the following descriptions and explanations of entities and interference may sound bizarre and at times unbelievable to many people. It's not our intent to generate fear, or perpetuate any myths. In fact, our intent is to be open and create some balance on the subject. We want to help people recognise we are all multi-dimensional energy beings with the potential to interact with other forces. If this interaction is without permission, we describe it simply as interference. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and consider that within the practice of Red Spirit Energy Healing, we have techniques for dealing with this phenomena.

Whenever we proceed from the known into the unknown we may hope to understand, but we may have to learn at the same time a new meaning of the word “understanding”.
Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science.

entities and Interference defined

Within the more unconventional healing modalities and esoteric practises, there is often a reference to “entities and interference”, sometimes referred to collectively as inter-dimensional interference. But what are entities and do they really exist? From our experience within the modality of energy healing, external forces do have the potential to impact on our life journey. It would certainly simplify our work if we could place all such forces under the one label, but unfortunately it's not that straight forward. When you delve into what we are as humans, you begin to realise the complexities involved. You also begin to recognise that most of what practitioners call entity attachment is actually self created. Having said that, there can definitely be the involvement of external influences. The level of that involvement and the impact created can vary enormously. This is why we sometimes refer to such forces as inter-dimensional interference, rather than the narrow focus on entities. So let's begin with a definition.

Interference could be described as any influence that limits, distorts, or openly disrupts the life experience or behaviour of a being. Crossing multiple planes of reality, many of these influences can move or operate across multiple dimensions to affect a person. This is regardless of whether or not the person is aware of that interference or believes in its existence.

Interference covers a broad range of influences affecting our human journey. This of course includes the phenomena of “entities” which in itself is an all encompassing term some people us to describe various external forces or phenomena. The level of intelligence or consciousness of interfering energies covers a wide range. Once interfering energy takes form, we refer to it as an entity. An entity may originate from some other realm or planet, or be created by us. As opposed to inference or misguided energy, an entity has an agenda and commonly recognises that it impacts other beings. It does not acknowledge the rights of Free Will and may even be deceptive in order to gain entrapment of free will choice.

believe or not

The spectrum of belief in entities varies between the existence of snarling, manipulative, beasts at one end, to complete non-belief at the other. There are some who refer to external forces as misguided energies, which is fair enough. In the extreme, there are therapists who can find an entity under every bed, a reptilian in every cupboard, or attachment to every person they meet. It seems it's their sole purpose in life to help rid the planet of such nasty creatures. Then there are practitioners who totally disbelieve in such phenomena and yet place all their faith in the angelic realm.

External interferences can't be ignored.You can't hide.

For those who disbelieve in any external malevolent forces, consider this for a moment. Everything has a resonance at a particular frequency which we may or may not perceive, depending on our own unique abilities. Many believe that beings in the angelic realm interact with us and work with us on a daily basis, but we can't perceive them due to their higher rate of vibration. There is also the belief in Guides and Gatekeepers who help us along the path of life. If you accept this, and I acknowledge not everyone does, then you must also consider the potential for other negative forces or energies to surround us that are also not perceptible. Fundamentally, the Universal Law of Polarity suggests that everything has an opposite. You may think you have never encountered them, but that does not negate their existence or their influence.

Everything is energy including our thoughts, and there are various aspects of us that resonate at different rates. We are after all, multi-dimensional beings. Yes, a big chunk of us is classed as low vibration and three dimensional. But there are aspects of every person that actually exist in the angelic realm or dimension, and every other dimension in between. Our feelings and our thoughts all resonate at different rates, crossing different dimensional planes. We're not just hairy bags of water as Dr Michael Colgan likes to amusingly describe the human body.

So what does this mean in regards to entities and interference? Negative thoughts, emotions and intent, all resonate at a particular vibration. This vibration tends to coalesce into what some term as fourth dimensional energy. It's basically the chaos of the world that has no specific form or body, but coalesces due to mutual attraction, all resonating around a similar frequency. It's all around us and part of us, and it's this chaos that offers the potential for some energies to take form in co-creation with us. In other words, we create them, most commonly through fear and anger.


While considering the following information we need to remember the Universal Laws, because we are all energy beings. Everything is energy, including our thoughts, and everything has the potential to affect our energetic biofield.

Everything is energy, including our thoughts. Interferences can influence our energy flow.Everything is energy, including our thoughts.

As multi-dimensional energy beings, it's possible for our energy flow to become blocked or restricted for many reasons. Quite often a blockage occurs due to an experience we decide is a "bad" experience. That energy blockage or disruption then gets attached to the thought or experience of a particular event in time. We also commonly make limiting decisions or form limiting beliefs based on those experiences. Now every time you think of that experience or event, it tunes you into the disruption again, and all the physiological and emotional reactors are triggered whether you like it or not. But there's more! If you have an emotion trapped in your body from such an event, you will naturally attract more of that emotion to you. You will unconsciously create or attract situations to you that reinforces the emotion.

Wherever a trapped emotion lodges itself, the surrounding body tissues tend to fall into resonance with its vibrational energy. This is known as Entrainment and was first explored by Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens in 1665. Until that trapped emotion is released, you will continue to be influenced by it. This then meets our definition of interference. The more trapped emotions you have, the more negative energy you are radiating. This is why positive thinking and self help programs are not always successful, and the Law of Attraction may not be working for you in the way that you would like. It's very likely that you are already familiar with this concept. After all it's nothing new, as Psychoneuroimmunology has been explored since 1975.

Creation of a life form

What is often not realised is that these trapped emotions crystallise in the body to become the cause to a number of effects. One effect is the creation of a disease. No prize for guessing that one. Another effect is the creation of a separate aspect or entity in its own dimension. We feed so much energy into a limiting emotion or belief that the crystal structure grows to eventually become a life form of its own. Very often this type of aspect is created through our own desire for self protection from a young age. We simply refer to this as an aspect of the client. It is created by, and part of the client, and can become very controlling throughout life if left unchecked. This then also meets our definition for an entity, albeit self created.

We feed so much energy into a limiting emotion or belief that the crystal structure grows to eventually become an interference life form.Beliefs and decisions can form into limiting aspects.

In regards to self created aspects, how long it has been trapped in your energy field, and how much emotional energy you feed it, will determine how much it interferes with your existence. Quite often the aspect needs to receive healing as does the person as a whole. Rather than take an adversarial role, we try to establish how the situation was created and work to release cause.

These aspects or entities, and other interference, will resist any attempt to remove them. I have witnessed this many times while working in the modality of energy healing. It's not uncommon to identify energy blockages in the body and see it shift just at the moment you move in to release it. The level of consciousness or intelligence we encounter determines how we deal with it.

So interference can be created by thought forms, emotions, desires and our own belief systems. And remember some cultures have very strong beliefs in demonic possession and curses, so there is the potential for a malevolent entity to thrive on the associated fear. You may not believe in such things, but that does not mean you can't be impacted. However, all is not lost as you are a multi-dimensional being, and what you create you can also release. And where your free will is being violated, there are tools available to restore your integrity.

inherited entities and interference

Over the years I have perceived many forms of energy blockages, entities and interference. Some of the images on this page are sketches of my own perceptions. I appreciate they are very basic and do not have much detail, but this is how I see or perceive what I encounter. My intent is to translate my perceptions without embellishment. And a reminder, these are my perceptions and other people are likely to have different descriptions. My wife Chris does not see entities at all, but certainly senses their vibration and is often physically challenged by their presence.

The reader needs to consider that interfering entities could have been created by you in a previous life, and not having been released, have the potential to grow and interfere with your existence life after life. You may have also inherited similar interference that has come down the genetic, hereditary line of your ancestors. This is what most people do not realise or commonly accept. I have witnessed this a number of times where intelligent, well educated people have approached us for help, and we discover there is an existing ancestral curse or interfering entity involved. A concept that is outside of their common thinking, and yet they are still being impacted.

Interfering entity that gained access via the hereditary line.Entity affecting a client via the ancestral line.

The image above is an interpretation of an entity affecting a client in connection to daily headaches. It had gained access to the client via the Mother's hereditary line, and was a particularly nasty piece of work. Yes you can laugh, I know it's a rather naive sketch, but this representation is fairly typical of an overall perception where details are hard to define. While looking at, or seeing this type of form, there is also an associated vibration that indicates the level of malevolence being projected. What makes this particular entity different is the protuberances on the head. I could not tell whether they were ears or horns. In this particular case I was working with Chris conducting a distant healing session. The encounter caused Chris some significant discomfort until we cleared it. Although there were some vague indicators, exactly how or why this entity manifested on the ancestral line is difficult to say. Never the less, it's impact for the client was very significant.

Entities can present in all manner of forms and I have noticed some common traits depending on country of origin and culture. I have also perceived inherited curses that present as spiky, balls of chaos. This type of entity may not affect every person along the ancestral line, and the original intent of its manifestation many generations in the past, can be lost over time. What can result is a general pattern of chaos in the life of the person impacted. Then again, it can be very targeted such as business failures and even child loss, generation after generation.

A spiky chaotic entity.Ancestral curse presented as a ball of spiky chaos.

OTHER forms of entities and INTERFERENCE

If the "New Age" era has confirmed anything, it's that we are multi-dimensional energy beings, and we actually interact with many other life forces beyond our three dimensional reality.  Some of these forces are created through our thoughts and language as already described, while others come from elsewhere. Who or what are these “elsewhere forces” is open to debate. Some people will give you very specific names and descriptions, but most everyone you speak to will have a different view. 

Whatever their origin, these entities and interference can have a very negative impact on a person's life. They can be the cause of untold misery and suffering for some individuals. They often operate covertly, seeking to manipulate people into outlooks or behaviour that keep them away from their true path in life. You may believe you are exercising your Free Will, and you are in a way, but whose game are you really playing? There are so many different manifestations of entity control that it would be impossible to cover them all here, so I will offer just a couple of the more interesting encounters.

A thirty year old man approached me for help to combat persistent nightmares he had experienced since a young boy. The experiences had recently escalated creating a very debilitating affect. He would often wake at night to a choking sensation. Consequently, my client had become exhausted and very frightened. What we discovered were a number of external entities using him to experience life in this dimension, particularly at night when he entered a certain sleep state. The guy was like an open door for entities.

Representation of entity affecting a client during sleep state.Sketch of just one entity affecting the client during his sleep.

With a little investigation it was obvious he had experienced a traumatic childhood. Seeking protection and escape from his reality as a little boy, he unwittingly opened doors to inappropriate energies. Basically, there were self created entities present and also those invited in by agreement of entrapment. As an adult he turned to alcohol and drugs to dull the emotional pain which compounded the problem by opening more doors to other dimensions.

It's interesting to note that the predominant entity seemed to have been agitated by a change in his behaviour. The guy was recently married and trying very hard to be a responsible husband. In fact it was his wife who urged him to seek help from us. Anyway, the offending interference wanted him to carry on along a path of self destruction so it was doing everything it could to disrupt his life. In this case we removed a number of entities and closed the door by releasing past trauma. This prevented any return and the nightmares were no longer a problem. Subsequent feedback from the client indicated he felt like a different person, experiencing sound sleep and "normal" dreams.

This is just one example of the overt effects of interfering entities. Another client in Florida describes the experience of how their vision was affected by interference. You can be read Cristel's story on our testimonials page.

There are many other sources of interference that are much more subtle. Religious and tribal ceremonies going back thousands of years have created opportunities for entities and interference to interact with us in the here and now. This is where we enter into the realms of contracts, and agreements of entrapment. This is a whole subject of its own, and wont be covering it here. I will just say that we all need to be cautious of who or what we interact with, and this includes institutions of all forms.

life cycle of parasitic entities

Sites of weakness or trauma can create openings for some entities which can then aggravate a health problem, but are not necessarily the direct cause. This is common in regards to problems with the gut or digestive tract. I have to emphasise here that not everyone with an imbalance in the abdomen is going to have associated issues with entities; so let's not generalise. That said, I have encountered many entities in the abdomen of clients who are experiencing problems with their digestion in some form. Irritable Bowel Syndrome for example, seems to offer an ideal environment for some entities, and in particular it can be part of a life cycle. 

Entities and interference can affect the digestive tract.There are entities that like the environment of an unhappy abdomen.

There can be many causes for digestive tract problems from food intolerance to emotional imbalances including anxiety. The abdomen and lower gut is not simply a conglomeration of organs designed to assimilate food. There are a host of energy centres that need to be considered including the navel and sacral chakras. Any upset to the energy balance for any reason has a flow on effect. For whatever purpose, there are entities that like the environment of an unhappy abdomen, and will ensconce themselves much like the biological parasites that can infect anyone.

Parasitic Gut Entity Stage 1

On the energetic level, when I perceive the biofield of a person with gut problems, it's like looking at a murky swamp. You can almost see the flies buzzing around. Occasionally I will also see two eyes peering back at me. This was quite a surprise when I first encountered the phenomenon in my early days as a practitioner. Again I have to say that although it is possible, these entities do not necessarily cause problems with the digestive tract. But they certainly can contribute or aggravate an existing imbalance. There are many forms of entity and many causes for an upset abdomen. 

Why or what these entities gain from connecting to such an environment is still unknown to me. I believe it's just another example of our multi-dimensional life and perhaps a mirror image of our physical existence. Over the years I have come to realise that some of these gut type of parasitic entities, actually have a life cycle.

They begin as a type of egg stage as depicted in the sketch above. It has consciousness and will try to avoid being removed from the biofield of a client. Other stages of development include what I describe as a tadpole and an octopus. I do not know how long the cycle takes, but I do know there is a need to double check the biofield of a client for hidden aspects. In such encounters I like to recheck the client after 24 hours to be sure the infestation has been totally cleared.

Parasitic Gut Entity Stage 2; what I describe as a tadpole.
Interpretation of an entity perceived in the abdomen of a client.Parasitic Gut Entity Stage 3; what I describe as an octopus.

The final stage of the cycle or development is depicted in the image below. These entities or beings, will appear around the client when we are clearing this type of parasitic entity. I can only assume they are the end product as there seems to be some concern as to how we deal with the offending pest, once it's discovered. These beings tend to be owl-like in appearance and perhaps around 40 centimetres (15 inches) in size. Apart from the face and general form as depicted, I have yet to perceive any other features.

Adult Parasitic Gut Entity. The fuzzy image is deliberate to show how I perceive some entities.


When it comes to interference from human spirits, the common descriptive terms used include ghost, haunting, lost or entrapped souls, and earth bound spirits. All of which conjure up dramatic images fit for a Hollywood movie. Due to the complexities of human existence, I have to admit it is possible for such phenomena to occur, depending on your definition. In my opinion however, most of these labels are used to describe events or experiences that involve energies that have no relevance to a human spirit or soul. Energetic memories or imprints, the memory of trauma, the human mind creating its own form to interpret an event, and fourth dimensional chaos, are the most common causes of such phenomena. This is a huge topic in itself and I don't want to get bogged down in the whole debate here. Suffice to say, direct interference from a human spirit or the soul from a deceased person is not as common as people like to believe.

There is however, an aspect of our earthly journey that for some involves coexisting with another spirit, and that coexistence can turn into interference. This is the aspect of what I term as carrying or co-existing with a  "passenger.”

A passenger is defined as a spirit or energy being that a person has agreed to carry or be a vehicle for, with the intent of completing a journey, task or desire. Passengers are usually overt rather than hidden and will overlay the energy field of their host. Once ensconced they are sometimes reluctant to leave or do not know how to be released from their host. In some cases they can be very manipulative.

Interference can occur through what is termed a passenger entity.Representation of interference by a passenger entity. The passenger is perceived as the shadow duplicate beneath the body.

It needs to be acknowledged that some form of agreement exists between the two parties and was entered into through free will, for some mutual benefit. Having said that, it's likely there may be exceptions to the rule. We do occasionally recognise a client is carrying or coexisting with a passenger for whatever reason. Most of the time the person is blissfully unaware of the existence of their spirit companion. This may continue lifelong or until the agreement or contract ends and the passenger moves on to the next phase of it's journey. However, sometimes there is a need to clear the passenger as it is adversely affecting the host in some way. 

psychic attack

It is possible for anyone to deliberately direct negative energy or influence to another person. If you choose to interpret that as psychic attack then so be it. But in reality, psychic attack depending on your interpretation is not all that common, and the whole concept of needing protection can be a contentious topic. Having said that, from our experience we are acutely aware that negative energies can be projected by others, either deliberately or subconsciously. This most commonly takes the form of cording and is particularly evident where relationships have broken down and one partner refuses to let go; or is being particularly vindictive. Given the right circumstances, there can be a debilitating impact on the recipient.

Consciously wishing someone ill will, does not necessarily mean the recipient is going to be affected. It should be acknowledged this is a double edged sword, wherein a person with the need to project such feelings will also be attracting them. There is a tendency for some people to blame all their woes on the phenomena of psychic attack from others. In the many cases we have investigated, most claims have been unfounded. There is commonly a number of factors at play, with the projection of negative energy just one small aspect.

Of course there are rituals wherein energetic attack can be significantly intensified as in the concept of 'black magic', for want of a better term. The effect of any such projection can continue for many years, if not centuries. This is evidenced by many indigenous cultures around the world, still employing, or continuing to believe in such practices. This is where we get into the realms of curses. Although this is very dependent on belief systems, it is possible for anyone to be affected. This is not solely the realm of the stupid or uneducated.

What most people fail to recognise is that we are all multi-dimensional energy beings living in a very toxic environment. It is possible to feel the effects in a number of ways, and the level of impact is dependent on the individual. Some people can walk through a storm of negative energy and come out unscathed, while others are pummelled to the point of exhaustion. However, as the concern of psychic attack does seem to be prevalent, I have collated our various techniques for clearing and protection into one eBook Psychic Energy Protection for Muggles. As the title suggests, my aim is to create some understanding as to what can affect us as multi-dimensional beings, rather than focus on one narrow aspect. The suggestions offered in the book are designed for everyday life, for everyday people.

Interference from extraterrestrials

Now for the more sensational type of entity and interference. Let's look at the ET's or aliens with all their different names and descriptions. Conspiracy theorists from around the world would have us believe that we are being covertly controlled by evil races from other dimensions or planets. I tend not to buy into the conspiracy debates. But yes, it is possible to experience interference from some other beings...it does happen. I have worked with clients that have been part of experimentation by other races. I have also worked on implants within the biofield of people. This is a very challenging subject and I can't cover all the aspects here. I just want to acknowledge that yes, it is possible to be covertly influenced by beings from other worlds. BUT in my experience it's not as common as some people like to suggest.

ET's and the perceptions of abductions have manifested strong negative sentiments toward what is unknown.We are not alone in this universe.

Having acknowledged that, I would like to add some balance to this phenomenon. We are not alone in this universe, and to label everything that does not look or act like us as evil, is a very typical human trait. Other multi-dimensional beings and inter-galactic travellers do exist. Chris and I have interacted with these beings in some form or another from both sides of the fence. All I can say on this matter is that for every one that interferes with a person’s existence, many others are there helping to correct it. It's also worth noting that other inter-dimensional beings can in turn, be subject to interference. This is not just a phenomenon relegated to the human experience. 

ET's and the perceptions of abductions have manifested strong negative sentiments toward what is unknown. I'm not denying the abduction phenomenon. We have worked with a number of people who've had contact with extra-terrestrials. The simple fact is that in the majority of cases of such interference, there has been some level of consent. This can be a bit of a grey area, as sometimes the consent has been through agreements of entrapment, or perhaps given before a person incarnates to the Earth plane. This in itself is a very complex topic. The point I would like to make is that we should not focus on the negative aspects or perpetuate the them and us attitude. Recognise that any consent given, can also be withdrawn. If there has been an outright act against a persons free will, there is recourse for that.

Obviously there is much that mankind does not understand, and I just caution everyone not to blindly accept the conspiracies that seem to abound at this current time. If you wanted to read more on the subject of extra-terrestrial interactions, I suggest the book by New Zealand author Suzy Hansen, The Dual Soul Connection.

The sketch below is a representation of a being, obviously not from this planet, that I have interacted with in positive ways.

countering entities and interference

When dealing with entities and interference, Lore and the Universal Laws offer us some rules to the game. According to these rules, no matter what type of entity that may exist, it needs your agreement to interact with you. Stop and think about that for a moment. It's a basic rule of the Universe that you must give your permission for any interaction. It's a no-brainer to suggest that you do not give your consent to any unknown forces, but it happens all the time. We do it without realising. Why? Because there are many levels of consent and entities can be masters of disguise. On being discovered, I have experienced one or two speak in the most angelic, childlike voices in order to throw us off. Entities and interference can and will, attempt to trick you into giving permission. They will also physically interact with non-living things in an effort to obtain their desire. Obviously there are times when outright violation of free will occurs, but the laws still apply, and you do have recourse when this occurs. 

Putting aside self created interference, the key is not to open inter-dimensional doors to entities you can't close. Drugs and alcohol have the potential to open those doors. And just because you have never used drugs or consumed alcohol don't be fooled into thinking you are immune. Stress and trauma reduce our resistance especially in childhood. As previously mentioned, more subtle openings include free will entrapment. This is through the agreement of initiation or ritual, or to invoke external forces. Swearing an oath or declaring your allegiance to any institution, organisation or religion, places you in their game. You then become subject to their rules of the game, which may have originally been created back in the dark ages. The associated, underlying forces, may well be disguised as something quite acceptable in this modern world, but without good intent. So please be cautious of what you agree to. Awareness is your best defence. Avoid drugs, excess alcohol, gurus, religion, naïve channeling and any sort of rituals, especially with symbols. 

Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions, as well as the environment of places such as a house or room or land. Beliefs and customs all play a role in reinforcing interference. Many cultures hold strong misguided beliefs about ghosts, curses and other entities. That's not to say these phenomenon do not exist, it's just that ignorant beliefs allow for greater influence. Again I say, intelligent awareness is your best defence.

Some common situations creating susceptibility for entities and interference are:

  • Trauma: physical, emotional and mental
  • Surgery with general anaesthesia
  • Substance abuse including alcohol
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Experiencing violence, intimidation, fear
  • Non-discerning channeling
  • Esoteric rituals
  • Any sort of worshiping or devotion
  • Near death or out-of-body experience 
  • Inherited ancestral patterns

The main point to remember is that we are multi-dimensional beings and awareness is your best protection. Of course, if you feel you may be suffering from some form of interference, then speak to a practitioner who has experience in these matters. Better still, why not find out if what you are practising puts you at risk? All entities and interference that may be affecting you can be cleared as it's a part of the human journey and evolution. It's a most fascinating area of work.

Our greatest challenge in dealing with entities, is in having the client consider their own mindset. We are often approached by people convinced they are being attacked by some external force, and they know exactly what it is, but do not know how to deal with offending interference. Sometimes their perceptions are correct and sometimes not. If you approach us for help, you need to be prepared for us to investigate your situation and make our own observations. You need to consider that your perceptions or assumptions, may not be entirely accurate. There can be many twists and turns when it comes to clearing interference, and you need to keep an open mind. There may also be cases where the clearing of interference is not possible, because at some level the individual does not want it gone. it may be an intricate aspect of their chosen life journey.

Clients often ask us about protection from psychic attack. In response to this common question and others, we have collated our various techniques for clearing and protection into one eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles.

These are techniques that can be applied to yourself, family members and even your home for a holistic approach to energy protection. It should be noted that the techniques offered in this eBook are not designed to deal with pre-existing, entities or interference as described on this page. Such interference would require specialised intervention to clear in a safe manner. Contact Mark if you want to purchase this eBook.

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