Client testimonials and feedback
from around the world

The following testimonials are from our worldwide clientele. They describe the positive results experienced from the techniques of Red Spirit Energy Healing. Some testimonials have a lead-in note from Mark. We have also added some snippets of feedback provided by recipients on their Discovery Sessions. Some names have been withheld on request; the original and full testimonial or feedback is held on file. Although many clients describe excellent outcomes from their sessions, we do not claim to cure any health condition. It is important not to self diagnose or cease any medical treatment without appropriate, professional advice.

Snippets from discovery sessions

I am amazed how accurate the result was I didn't expect this at all. I am dealing with a lot of trauma and anxiety in my life and it affects my physical body in many ways just as you described. You are right about the specific inflamed areas such as the right side of my head and stomach. Something that surprised me was the mention about my ancestral line and how it affects me which is also true.
Just wow I am speechless, thank you so much Mark!"
Sweden, June 2020.

this discovery session is very accurate ... it resonates deeply and covers some blocks that i sensed have been present for many years as well as those that ive perceived more recently ... this reading also gives me a sense of comfort as it gives me a clearer description of things ive sensed but didnt always know how to access or articulate ... every point you described is very well explained and the information you've provided is extremely helpful ... thank you so much for offering this ... it's a true gift and your kindness is deeply appreciated...
Daniela; CAN, October 2019.

Hi mark,
Thank you so much for a fast response.
Ive got to say you are absolutely spot on with what your saying absolutely gobsmacked as to how youve picked this up. The points youve made on parts of areas affected is right... because it is those areas im having problems with.
Name withheld; UK

Dear Mark,
I don't know what to say, I am speechless! You are spot on with your findings on the discovery session. This just goes to show how well you work considering the fact that the person you were carrying out the session for is thousands of miles away. I am so impressed. If this is what you can do with hardly any information about my husband except his date of birth and name, I cannot imagine what you are capable of with the required information to carry out a healing session. Thank you so much!
Name withheld; UK.

Hi Mark,
I had come across your website because I have been searching for help for physical, mental and spiritual disharmonies going on with me right now. I couldn't believe the reading because it really honed it on some of the issues I have been having. You mentioned that my right shoulder had a dark energy blockage. I actually do have a lot of pain and restriction on my right shoulder movement and was told by the orthopedist that it was calcific bursitis. I have been working on it via physical therapy as I didn't want the surgery but it is still not healed. Also you talked about the spine being out of alignment. I have herniated discs in my cervical and spine and have a hemangioma around one of the discs (lots of capillaries there). And then you mentioned the inflamed energy in a band across the head/face etc. I have a lot of pressure on the left side of my head and I also feel energy moving around especially when I am upset. So you are on target with your analysis. I will seek your help in removing these energetic disturbances. Thank you for your discovery session. You really do have a gift for intuiting health conditions.
Anita S; USA.

Hi I said before you've been basically Spot on in Everything you picked Up, which has been amazing for me to hear & know..... Thankyou again.
Name withheld; UK.

Hi Mark,
Wow. Nothing you've said has seemed odd at all. I am absolutely amazed that you could see that. I do have physical pain right now...
Name withheld; GERMANY.

Hi Mark,
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to give feedback to your discovery session. well, thank you, so much for the session, I found it very interesting. I feel the dark energy/blockage around left pelvis/hip/ovary is deffinitely something to do with the anger I still have about my last babys birth...I dont feel any pain or discomfort in this area but it is something I will have to work on to release. I am emotionally stressed, so you were absolutely right.
Name withheld; IRELAND.

The discovery session was amazing!! How you are able to read and give such detail with the little information you are provided and from a distance is so exact on physical aliments and medical conditions, I have to believe in the emotional pain too!
Name withheld; USA.

Hi Mark,
When I read you session, I wanted to cry; it's exactly how I have been feeling. I have had a very horrible time lately and emotionally. I don't know where to start or what to do. I feel that something is wrong within my body but can't pin point it. At my age I don't like the way I feel or the way my body is acting.
Name withheld; AUS.

I was shocked and impressed with results!! I do have problems with digestion and headaches that won't go away with medication.The emotional imbalance is connected with ex......and traumatic physical and emotional abuse from ex....
Name withheld; USA.

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your promptness. You are correct in your detail about the left side of the pelvis, I do experience a lot of pain there, I didn't think it was stress related but due more to recent surgeries. Possibly stress related though...
Name withheld; AUS.

When I sent the email asking for my free Discovery Session I was skeptical that Mark would be able to pinpoint my ailments from so far away and with virtually no information about me. The process was easy and I only had to give my name and birthdate. I was absolutely amazed when he quickly responded correctly identifying my sciatica and my headaches! My husband was so impressed that he immediatly emailed for his own Discovery Session!
Name withheld; USA.

Feedback on healing sessions

May 2021
Lian in Sydney AUS
Mark and Christine are remarkable healers. I have worked with many healers in my life time and the intensity of their work was incredible. Their dedication to their work was like no other healer I had come accross. They are the real deal, kind, caring and compassionate humans. Highly recommended.

February 2021
Kimberly in Sydney AUS.
Hi Mark and Chris,
It's been nearly a year since we last caught up and I wanted to give you both a quick update. I downloaded our session recordings last year, but until a couple days ago I wasn't able to find where I had downloaded them. Randomly I fell upon them. Listening to the recordings again after so long was wonderful. The growth and healing I've done in the last year has transformed my life...and no endometriosis pain at all. I've been working through past trauma and emotions that have been "stuck". I'm feeling more enlightened, free, expressive, open and honest, vulnerable and overall joyful. Thank you again for both of your time last year and helping me to begin my healing. You two truly have a gift!

August 2017
Ruth in Brisbane QLD.
I am so grateful to be able to find Mark and Chris who are remarkable at what they do. How they work together to create an incredible outcome amazes and intrigues me. The amount of energy during and after the session that I felt was indescribable. Not only did I notice immediate results on my emotions, but even as the days have progressed I have noticed positive physical changes in my health.

December 2016
Land Clearing for Marlene in San Francisco, USA.
Hi Mark,
I've been meaning to write to you about the land clearing, but haven't. Then I got your eZine yesterday and that prompted me. The land next door and the surrounding area are oh so much better since you cleared it!  You've done it again! I'm not surprised, since you cleared my own house before, but it's still wonderful when it happens. I noticed something right away. It was similar to last time. More the absence of a negative, rather than the presence of a positive. If that makes sense. No, trumpets and harps weren't playing, but there was an immediate sense of calmness. A shift in the energy. It is a subtle thing to notice that something is no longer there.

And, over time, that has feeling has persisted. Only, now I would say that it has improved and there is more positive energy. There was definite spillage of negative energies over into my house and yard from that field. I felt scared a lot at home; I sensed the presence of many other energies. All of that was gone after your ceremony and clearing. Completely. I haven't felt afraid here one time. That's what I mean about it being hard to notice the absence of a negative, something that isn't there doesn't get your attention. It is mostly in hindsight that I realized that I am comfortable in my own home once again. Now the land/field next door does not feel scary anymore either.

You mentioned that the energies were pervading the area. I sensed that was correct as some of my neighbors complained to me and people seemed tense and agitated in general. Now the block seems peaceful. No more comments about feeling upset. The housing development is still under construction, houses where there was once open land. No one likes that. However, your ceremony for the traditional custodians of the land and whatever else you did, has made it so that there has been an adjustment to this change. The energies feel balanced now. Thanks again for helping to set straight what we humans have decided to alter. Putting houses where there was perfectly decent open space with tons of trees who were just fine just there.

One side note on the housing development. Before the land clearing, the work was inching along at a snail's pace. A total misery of start and stop construction. Neighbors complaining that this thing is going to take forever to get done. The developer kept having problems come up that blocked him. I wondered if the land was fighting him. Pushing back. Once you did your ceremony, the pace of the work sped up by ten times. Now those houses are going up lightening fast. They might be done in the next couple of months, after being behind schedule for a year. I know the land clearing sped up their work. The energy is really flowing. Even so, I still don't like those houses. Ha!  But, I think it all bodes well for me in the long run. Once those houses are completed, which will be any minute now, it will be smooth sailing for me to sell my own. And that's what I wanted in the first place.

Note: The ceremony Marlene mentions in her feedback was something we conducted in co-operation with, and guidance from, the traditional elders in spirit. All done to help restore harmony to the land. This was completed by way of a session in Ipswich, Australia, to create a positive effect on the other side of the planet...namely an area in San Francisco.

September 2016
Jay in Queensland, AUS.
Hi Mark and Chris 
Just wanted to give you guys some positive feed back about my experience with your energy interference clearing to post on your website.

My life had hit an all time low at age 29 everything had seemed to take a turn for the worst nothing I done worked out for me ,I had severe relationship,alcohol and anger problems which was never my true self in the past ,when I found your website I was on the verge of giving up I was aware that I had bad energy interrupting my life as the signs where very real to me!

I was a broken man that was unwell physically mentally and mainly spiritually I had asked many healers ,mediums and doctors for help in the few years gone by with little help in clearing the black cloud that seemed to follow me around so naturally was a little doubtful when finding mark and Chris but willing to have one last try as something more told me these guys will help me.

I first attended there home in Brisbane qld mid 2015 ,I was at this time hopelessly grasping straws to find the need to continue my life (yes it was that bad) the moment I ment these guys I knew I was in good hands mark and Chris Both put of a loving calm feeling which made me feel at ease automatically,there findings around my self and my partner where 100%spot on as to what was happening to me ,mark told me very confidently that "everything will be ok mate we will clear the energy problems around you and your partner and you will go back to living happy lives" sceptically I believed him and as promised it was fixed !! 

It took about 1 month from this day and everything was looking up around me and my life :money ,love ,attitude,feelings ,health EVERYTHING .. So much so that I was left with a feeling of what the hell just happened and it was obvious to all that knew me well. Mark and Chris continued to speak with me informing me of the changes that were occurring and yet again it was 100%as I could see it happening.

I am a normal young man from the sunshinecoast qld energy has never been apart of my life and never in my wildest dreams did I think this sort of thing could happen to me or be fixed as it has been ,anyone at all out there having life problems please do your self the favour and contact mark ASAP there is hope for all of us.

Thank you so much guys you are both truely amazing people that I am so thankful for finding and I cannot thank you enough ,I literally tell people that you have saved my life every chance I get things are manifesting for me in ways that I never imagined possible truely amazing and breathtaking stuff !!! Keep up the good work mark and Chris you are with out a doubt making our world a better place.

Sincere kind regards 

July 2016
Sergei in North Carolina, USA.
I have been struggling for years with a debilitating chronic condition and tried almost every conventional and unconventional remedy when I accidentally found an internet link to Red Spirit Energy Healing webpage. Acting on instinct I followed the link to their webpage and was intrigued by what I found there.

Mark replied to my request for healing almost instantly.  He not only correctly identified my physical condition, but gave an in depth explanation for the underlying causes of the condition and provided actionable recommendations on how to overcome the condition.  As I embarked on my journey of healing Mark and Chris have been continuously providing me with very valuable feedback that allowed me to take corrective actions.

Mark and Chris also performed several  healing sessions for me and wife.  My wife has experienced the most incredible healing that can only be imagined.  She was bedridden for a week with the most severe pain in her back and leg.  Pain was so severe that she could not even sit up not to mention stand up.  Once the healing session was done (across the world from us) she suddenly had a thought that she could stand up.  She slowly stood up and made a step, than another one, than another one...there was no pain. Healing was instant!

NOTE from Mark: Sergei approached us back in 2011 for a discovery session for himself. This turned out to be one of those rare times I described the biofield of another person...that of his wife. Both had been involved in a serious car accident and their lives were/are entwined across multiple planes, not simply a husband and wife relationship. (If there is such a thing.) We eventually resolved the confusion and went on to work with them both. Sergei's journey is a good example of a chosen life exploration that has been challenging to say the least. Lots of why questions on multiple levels? This is a good example of how some changes can be instant, and some changes take years, as we are all on a life-long exploration.

June 2016
Victoria in Brisbane, AUS. (House Clearing)
I would like to thank Mark and Christine for clearing the negative energy in the new home I moved into. I have never experienced anything quite like my recent situation, and never really 'believed' these negative energies existed, or that they would affect me in such a profound way. I really felt as though I was losing my mind as certain occurrences were only happening in my presence. Mark was so kind, understanding and quick to assist me, and I can report that the house energy is now wonderful and I thoroughly enjoy being at home.
I cannot recommend Mark and Chris highly enough!!

June 2016
Mathew S. in New South Wales, AUS.
I had a healing session and negitive energies removed from all over my body unbelievable experience i feel great relaxed and calm with not a worry in the world excellent service guys very impressed i know where ill be going in future thanks again mark and chris ill be sure to keep in touch with yous.

April 2016; AUS.
Hi Mark,
The work you did about three weeks ago has enabled my son to attend school each a struggling mother living a day at a time, I want to thank you Mark, and Chris. I respect the integrity of the healing work and the commitment to the follow up. It means a lot to my family at this time. I also have some good shift happening internally with myself although is early days.

Carol, New York USA.
Thank you, Mark and Christine, for your incredible work in helping me heal. I contacted you a few months ago for help with an issue that no one else had been able to help me resolve. Of all the people I've worked with, your work has been the most helpful and although I'm not 100% there yet, I feel much stronger and am confident that I will get there soon. Thank you so much for your dedication to resolving my problem--you're both amazing!

Bec from Australia comments on her transformation.
Hi Mark,
I was just reflecting on some things and I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help.  You truly were the catalyst for change in my life and for that I am truly grateful,  I really am a new person,  Also Jack is doing great, he loves school and seems more relaxed within himself.  
Again,  Thankyou so much.

House Clearing for Marlene in San Francisco, USA.
Hello Mark,
Well, it has been a couple of weeks since you did the house/land clearing and I wanted to give you some feedback.  I have noticed quite a difference in the house.  It has a much lighter feel to it as does the whole adjoining field. I no longer feel terrified in this house and that is very significant for me. It doesn't feel so heavy and pressing and just downright threatening. The whole vibe of the place seems different in a good way.  My two dogs seem more relaxed too.  I sense that the feel of the house will continue to ease up over time and there will continue to be more changes on a subtle level. All in all, I am very pleased with the results of the work that you did. And, I am impressed by the power of the work itself.  I am very grateful to you for your assistance in this way.
Thank you so much!

Cristel from Florida, USA.
NOTE: Cristel approached me because she was being significantly affected by external interferences. It had reached the point where Cristel's vision in the left eye had become distorted. We worked to clear the interferences and Cristel's vision returned to normal over a period of around twelve hours. We went on to complete further sessions and Cristel's testimony speaks for itself. We do not claim to heal damaged vision...this is a good example of how external energies, given the right opportunity, can affect us in dramatic ways.

I first encountered Mark with an emergency that I had. I had lost my sight in my left eye and I immediately called Mark to help me with the situation. I thought my sight was not going to recover; amazingly, after the session, I was able to regain my eyesight. It was such a relief to know that it was not a permanent thing and it was easily fixable through energy healing, a distant healing at that. I am very grateful that source was able to guide me to Mark. A million thanks to you!!

Good morning Mark,
It's been three days since we've last conversed. Since then, I have been on a road to success. I feel lighter, clearer and have experienced an immense feeling of freedom; although, there are times where my mind tries to hijack my heart, I choose to remain steady and firm to these emotions. Furthermore, I've also learned to embrace these aspects of myself for they have shown me a great lesson in life, so instead of fighting back I embrace, experience, forgive, heal and let go...
I have experienced side effects of these effects as you said. I've noticed that I have been oversleeping,i get tired quickly and still have some quite of discomfort in my spine but the pain has reduced significantly. I'm Guessing these are the adjustments that my body needs to shift into a new vibration. In overall, working with you has been a life changing experience. I'm glad that source and mother earth was able to arrange this event. A million hugs to you.

Hello Mark,
It's been about a week since we've last conversed and although I have been very busy this week with school and work, I feel wonderful! It seem that this whole week I have been in a state of observation with myself and my surroundings. It's like I am more in-touch with me and the present moment and I like that feeling.The energy that was shifted was very obvious to me days after. It is amazing how much junk I was carrying and how much of it was released. I am glad to report that I am back-pain free and my periods are at normal levels. Also, my jaw doesn't lock as often as it used to and my sleeping patterns are back to normal. Another thing, I am not afraid no more of reality. Actually, I'm quite excited to live this reality to its fullest potential, that's why we came here for anyways. This has been an awesome journey for me and hopefully for you as well. I wish you a wonderful day and send you much light and love! Hope to hear from you soon.

Christine from County Clare, Ireland.
NOTE: Christine's success is another great example of how distance is no barrier to energy truly is Universal Energy. The other key point here is that Christine herself, with guidance, has created the right environment for healing by recognising and releasing some old, emotional blockages.

At the time the Universe pointed me in Mark's direction, I had given up all hope of ever finding a healer that could treat me with any lasting success.

Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with MS and since then I have been searching for the ultimate healing modality that would rid me of this incurable disease invading my body. For the past eight years I have had training in various Reiki and other energy healing techniques. Whatever healing treatments I used proved very successful...for other people. When it came to my own healing, I would heal but only on a temporary basis. I would always revert to type. Many other healers offered their services over the years but they too had limited success. Nothing anyone tried seemed to 'stick' I had nearly given up all hope...then I found Mark.

All I gave was my name and date of birth and, as promised, he came back to me within 24 hours. I was amazed how accurate his findings were. Especially when he said he could see that the right side of my body looked placid and clam, almost as though it was asleep. He knew nothing of my MS.

The next day he phoned me to discuss his findings and then the healing could begin. We decided not only to work on my walking abilities (I would dearly love to run again!) but that he would also work on my asthma and sleeping problems.

I had four sessions altogether and even after the very first one, I could feel powerful healing taking place. It was like a big black cloud had finally been lifted. I have so much energy now, its like being on steroids and my walking is nearly perfect, with only a slight limp occasionally. Every day I feel as though I am getting a little bit stronger. My husband has commented about how much energy I seem to have nowadays and the way in which my walking, sleeping and asthma problems are improving.

I can't thank Mark and his Spirit guides enough. Together, with his knowledge and many years of training in energy work, they have brought about a unique blend of healing that truly does work on all levels.

Kylie from Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
For years I have suffered with chronic physical and emotional pain as a result of out-of-control anxiety. I had experienced a great deal of trauma related to family relationship problems and worked long hours in jobs I didn’t really like. Instead of letting go or looking for options I continued to try to maintain control, only to find myself chronically fatigued and burnt out –and no longer able to work or care for myself.

A friend had told me about Mark and the wonderful opportunity for release he and his spirit guides had afforded her. At the time, I was feeling completely overwhelmed at the host of physical problems I had been diagnosed with (including reactive hypoglycaemia, hypoadrenia, a host of hormonal imbalances and a severely compromised gut and thyroid) and initially hesitant of spending yet more money on a therapy that may not prove to be of any benefit. However it eventually became clear to me that focussing just on physical healing wasn’t going to get me the new life and sense of well-being I craved.

So in a last ditch attempt to get my health back on track, I contacted Mark for a discovery session. He found a host of energy blockages that I just couldn’t explain but he did note my frustration and offered to help me...

It’s not an exaggeration to say that my first session with Mark changed my life. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had. Mark and his spirit guides worked on healing me at a profound level, looking at issues that I had brought with me to this life and patterns of behaviour that were well entrenched in the females in my family for generations. By the end of the session I felt an incredible burden had been lifted from me and I sensed hope for the future that had been lost to me for many years. I was euphoric!

My second and third sessions with Mark brought about further release and a significant increase in my energy levels. However my breakthroughs were not just physical. I finally felt myself being opened to universal energy and sensed a peace that I hadn’t previously known.

Mark has a precious gift and together with his spirit guides he has helped me to discover my true nature once again. I feel happy, healthy and calm and my friends and family have commented on the change in me. I am no longer frightened or concerned about the future as I know that I have been granted spiritual insight which will stay with me throughout my life.

Joanna from Leeds, United Kingdom.
NOTE: Joanna's success is another great example of how distance is no barrier to energy healing. Once we begin to realise that we are all connected as energy, anything is possible.

Stumbling across Mark's website was honestly one of the best thing's that could have happened to me at that time. I was feeling very low on energy, and full of self-doubt. I had been suffering from a persistent headache above my left eye, and had a constant aching feeling across the left side of my body. Doctor's had been unable to help me, and healing was something I had become more aware of over the years.

Throughout my childhood I had a difficult time, and was unable to cope in a lot of situation's. This lead on to a lifestyle of alcohol and drugs throughout my teenage years, and twenties. I had got more hold on myself , but the effects of my old lifestyle had caused a lot of emotional, and physical trauma.

I was also becoming increasingly concerned about my fertility. I had caught an STD ten years previous, which had gone unnoticed and progressed into Pelvic inflammatory disease. This had cleared after a stint in hospital, but I had not fallen pregnant after that.

I contacted Mark by email, just sending my name, and date of birth. Within 24 hours Mark got back to me. I was amazed what he picked up about me from scanning my energy. He told me I had a energy blockage from my left eye, to my heart, which would be causing headaches. He said this could be a sign of childhood trauma. He also told me the left side of my body was vibrating at a different resonance to my right, and found I had a blockage in my left ovary. I had not told Mark anything about my symptom's, and was absolutely flabbergasted on what he had picked up from the other side of the world with just my name, and date of birth!!!!

I received three remote healing session's with Mark. After my first session I felt more energised, but still had my headache. After my second to my astonishment my headache had totally gone, and after my third I felt also felt more positive, and focused then I had for years.

Two months after Mark clearing the blockage in my ovary I fell pregnant. Word's cannot convey how grateful I am for the work he has done. I have to honestly say Mark is an incredible healer, and a very kind human being - I recommend him to everyone!!!!

Petra from Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.
I met Mark Pasley when he gave a talk at one of our meetings. He explained how he was able to affect healing by shifting energies, which he perceived with the help of other dimensional entities. He did not claim to cure anyone, rather he creates in the energy field of the body those conditions that enable it to cure itself.

I have some knowledge of quantum physics and the theory of fields, thus I am aware of the fact that all is ultimately only energy manifesting on different vibratory levels. Therefore, what he said seemed quite plausible to me. However, I remained skeptical. Over the years I had come across many healers who claim to work with energies, but mostly they worked with suggestion. This at times had a temporary effect, but in the end nothing lasting ever happened to anyone.

After the meeting Mark was beleaguered by a crowd of curious questioners, so I just took his card and left without establishing personal contact. The next day I contacted him via e-mail. Mark replied soon after and suggested I send him my full name and date of birth and promised he would "have a look". He did not request a personal meeting or medical history.

I supplied the requested data and received his report the next day. To my amazement Mark correctly identified two major trouble spots in the body: my lungs and my back. I was reminded of Edgar Cayce, the famous American healer, who also did not need to meet his patients face to face.

Subsequently I received three remote healing sessions, and after each one there was a marked improvement of my condition. The first to benefit were my lungs. I no longer need my asthma medication, and only rarely have to use the puffer. I can climb the mountain behind my house without getting breathless, and the staircase in my house no longer leaves me gasping for air. My energy level and endurance have improved considerably.

Mark also correctly identified the energy blockage in the centre of the body, and that it was caused by a foreign object in the spine. He had no way of knowing that an accident had left me with several shattered vertebrae. I have twenty scars on my back from where the spine has been rebuilt with steel, plastic and bones harvested from other parts of my body. Although the surgery enabled me to walk again I did so with considerable pain. It often felt like my legs were on fire, and at night the pain made sleep difficult. It was will power that got me through the day.

With each successive healing session the pain diminished. I now sleep pain free every night. I can walk for miles, and not owning a car often do so. My back only hurts when I do something unwise, like lifting or carrying heavy loads. Then, after a period of rest, the pain subsides. I am getting stronger every day and my quality of life has improved beyond anything I had dared hope for. Better still, the process is still ongoing.

Beyond the physical body Mark directs his attention to the subtle bodies, emotional, mental and spiritual. As this information is of a somewhat private nature I will not elaborate on my personal experience. Suffice it to say that here, too, his insight has led to major breakthroughs.

You might be forgiven if you think that all this sounds far too miraculous. But miracles are only processes the laws of which we do not know, thus entirely within the realm of possibility. With our Health System in decay and many doctors beholden to the big pharmaceutical companies it is comforting to know that there is someone like Mark who heals on a different level, without noxious side effects.

I truly believe that this is the trend of the future. I feel blessed to have met Mark Pasley and to have been allowed to experience the benefit of his remarkable gift.

Ms C.G. from Ipswich, QLD, Australia.
NOTE: C is a young mother who was experiencing pain and tension in her back, along with occasional headaches. Like many people today, her emotions and patterns of thought were having a negative impact on her physical state, including panic attacks.

First session with Mark: Felt so good after this session. Motivated and ready to tackle whatever comes up. The week has been really up and down. Still feel a bit everywhere emotionally to be honest. But physically, I don't feel so heavy. I feel lighter in my back and head. Started using energy work and found it really effective and empowering. Really looking forward to my next session. Found it a bit hard with going back to old memories, must be a block there or something but I feel safe and relaxed with Mark and I know as we go on it will become easier.

Ever since I have seen you my life has started shifting in the most awesome way possible and its like a ripple effect and it just keeps coming and coming. When I came to see Mark I was a lost and confused soul with alot of anger. Since my sessions with him my life has taken the most beautiful new turn. I am motivated and excited about my future and at peace with my past. If you are someone looking for joy and happiness in your life and feel ready to let go of the things holding you back I would highly recommend Mark. He is a beautiful and compassionate healer, with a unique and gentle approach to confronting your demons in life. If your ready for New Life, then your ready for Mark Paisley.

Barbara from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
NOTE: This distant healing was a little unique due to the involvement of Barbara's deceased sister-in-law, as well as other family members. This was a new experience for me. The results were very positive with a flow-on effect for all of the family. Barbara describes me as healing her niece. Again, I do not claim to heal anyone. I consider myself like a coach that helps to direct energy so people can heal themselves.

The Universe brought Mark to me. A perfect example of "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." Mark did distant healing sessions for both my niece and my mother that were amazing! With my mom, he was able to relieve pain in her left hip, which even I did not know she was experiencing at the time, but my mom confirmed it later.

With my niece, it was even more amazing! Her mother died a few years prior from an excessive amount of pain killers and my family never knew if it was an accidental overdose, or a suicide. Mark made contact with her, and found that it was not suicide, but rather an accidental overdose. This brought the gift of closure to me and my family.

Mark then was able to heal my niece of her restless leg syndrome. My niece did not know a distant healing session was being done for her, later when I asked her how her foot was feeling she explained that her restless leg syndrome had "suddenly stopped," on the very same day Mark did the session! But that wasn't all. Mark also was able to tell her that holding onto anger was causing her liver problems, which he also healed. Now my niece is learning to let go of anger.

The session even brought healing for me. My deceased sister-in-law left a question for us to think about that had a very personal, and very strong meaning for me. It has helped me to improve my relationship with my husband. The whole experience was amazing and life changing for me and my family members.

Mark brings true healing to the body and soul!
Our deepest, most soul felt, gratitude to you Mark! Thank you!
Blessings, Barbara.

Debbie from Brookfield, QLD, Australia.
NOTE: I met Debbie at a workshop in Brisbane and immediately perceived that she was having pain in her left shoulder. When I asked her about it Deb told me it was something she has had all her life since a young girl. The only solution doctors were suggesting was a surgical deconstruction and rebuild of the shoulder. Not much of an option really. When Deb wrote this thank you letter she had received a total of three sessions and I admit to experimenting a little in the way of turning down her smoking addiction and making some adjustments to her metabolism. These were unrelated side issues to the painful shoulder which was her main concern. Deb uses the term "spiritual healing" which is really not how I describe my work.

It was a chance meeting at a workshop…Mark just asked me "how long have you had pain in your left shoulder?"
The first time he “worked” on me I arrived with a splitting and nauseating headache as well as the pain in my shoulder. I thought that not taking my usual pain killers would perhaps make it more difficult for him and at the same time it would be a real test for his ‘abilities’. So I have to admit to having being sceptical of ‘spiritual healing’.

What a wonderful lesson. I left with a feeling of real peace, no headache and for the first time in years that night I slept on my left side without pain!! Slowly the pain returned and over the next week it was back but very much less than before. The next treatment reduced the pain a little more and again I had the joy of choosing which side to sleep on.

The pain is not completely gone but very much reduced and in addition to this ‘gift’ I have noticed that most surprisingly my very long term smoking is not as delightful as it always has been. I believe that Mark is working on my smoking while he helps me with my shoulder!! As if this was not sufficient I have been a diagnosed Type 2 diabetic for at least 15 years and my sugar levels, which are always a very clear indicator of my stress levels, have remained stable under some very difficult circumstances recently experienced by the work I do!

How it all works I really don’t understand all I know is that without painkillers, intense physio or any of the other manipulations I have tried over a period of so many years, I have had great relief, acceptable sugar levels and perhaps even some help with giving up the cigarettes??
Thank you for your patience, time and effort.
Thank you for sharing your gift.
Thank you – just does not seem to be enough.

Natasha from Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
NOTE: Natasha is a friend of a colleague who asked if we could provide some distant healing together. The initial session was a combined effort. Natasha is an expectant mother and was experiencing, among other problems, severe pain in her legs.

Thank you so much for working with me. What I have written below sums up how it has made me feel so far so thank you. Feel free to use this testimonial publicly how you please.

Before I started participating in the healing I was happy to try anything that could help eliminate some of my problems. I was not expecting much, just knowing someone was thinking of me and trying to help was my only expectation. But then it begun, without knowing me or much about me Mark has been able to identify and work on problems that NOBODY has identified for me previously and I couldn’t identify myself. Since beginning the healings I have had days where I feel the change without even knowing I have been worked on. I am looking forward to continuing this journey until I feel healthy, both physically and mentally.
Thank you, Natasha

Distant healing in Brazil.
The following is a good example of how distant healing can be achieved. Wanderley lives in Brazil and contacted me for distant healing without describing what the issues were. As there is the challenge of a language barrier we have only communicated via email. The communication begins with the results of a discovery session and Wanderley's feed-back.

Hello Wanderley,
I have just completed your discovery session. What I have perceived is the following...redness in both knees indicating pain; some problems in both feet and the right hand although I am not sure what is happening there, looks like some form of tension; a lot of emotional pain showing in the heart area and feelings of abandonment; a great deal of short circuits in the head on the mental level, possibly depression. I believe I can help you and suggest three sessions. Could you please comment on what I have perceived so I know if I am on the right track. At this point your feed-back is most important.

Hi Mark,
Your remote sensibility-
Knees indicating pain,
Both feet some problems and right hand (dubiety) tension,
Emotional pain heart area (feelings abandonment),
Possibly depression.

My condition-
Knees pain, and wear cartilage
Both feet pain (heel) and right elbow pain,
Emotional pain heart area, feelings abandonment is exact,
Depression is exact.

Excuse, because I don't understand english language.
Thanks, Wanderley.
Wanderley from São Paulo, Brazil.
I am Wanderley from Brazil a 47 y.o., male nurse.
When I asked help with distant healing from Mark for treatment of intense pains in knees, heels, and right elbow (arthritis), and depression, I had already been practicing other alternative ones (chinese formula, sunbathing, magnet therapy, alkaline diet) with little positive result. I may add that, for verifying the distant healing effectivity, I stopped completely practicing these alternatives treatments. I kept only the alkaline diet, beyond, of course distant healing sessions.

Today, 20 days (approximate) after the first distant sessions (4 healing sessions in 20 days approximate) I feel myself as a renewed person, with no pain, no depression, more physical and emotional vitality, and no emotional pain.

I m deeply grateful for the providential distant healing Mark applied in me.

Thanks Mark, my gratitude to you.
Sincerely yours, Wanderley.

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