Red Spirit Energy Healing
Healing On All Dimensions

It's all about restoring your flow as an energy being.

Founded in 2007, Red Spirit Energy Healing is a unique combination of techniques designed to initiate healing across all dimensions of your existence. This site was developed by us to offer our services and to help visitors understand themselves as an energy being. Disease and disharmony in life can be indicators that we are not following our life plan. Our techniques are designed to bring you back on track. We recognise YOU as multi-dimensional energy. In fact, you are a being of light in a multi-dimensional world.

Understanding this, we can assist you to access the cause of imbalances in your life that are beyond the reach of other healing modalities. We have developed techniques to work with your energy systems to access all levels of your existence. What this means, is that we can address imbalances in this life, any past life and even that of your ancestors if needed. We can also access your DNA for healing on other dimensions not understood by medical science.

Red Spirit Energy Healing is a safe, fast, and effective therapy to restore health across all dimensions. It's all about clearing the blocks, to clear and balance patterns of the past and present, thereby restoring your flow as an energy being. Read what makes us different from other modalities?

Do you have...

◊ A chronic problem that just won't go away?
◊ People in your life you can't break free from?
◊ Emotional issues that you can't seem to resolve?
◊ Misguided energies attached to you or your home?
◊ Does the success you want and deserve elude you?

...then perhaps we can help.

Unique healing practises make us different.

What makes us different?

  • Our intent is to reach the root cause of an issue and clear it on all levels, lifetimes and bodies. 
  • That means looking at your current existence from the present back to conception and beyond into past lives if necessary. 
  • It means clearing genetic, hereditary patterns or cycles from the ancestral lines of the Mother or Father if needed. 
  • It means cutting cords or attachments to past relationships that hinder you and releasing emotional pain. 
  • It also means directing energy to specific areas of the body and biofield to dissolve blockages. 
  • When needed it means releasing inter-dimensional interferences that are affecting your life. 
  • Our intent is to bring you back into spiritual alignment within three sessions. 
  • It's all about creating balance, allowing you to flow as an energy being so that YOU may create harmony in your life.
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Albert Einstein 1879-1955

"All of science is nothing more than refinement of everyday thinking.”

Albert Einstein 
“Physics and Reality”, 1936


FREE Discovery Session?

Mark therapist.

I can understand if you find some of the information in our web pages a little difficult to accept. I actually don't expect you to believe anything you read here...just consider it.

One of the concepts many people do have difficulty accepting, is that of distant healing. How can we possibly affect a person on the other side of the world? In fact it's quite simple once you trust and understand we are all connected by energy. But in the end, the responsibility for change and healing is yours.

If you are prepared to take responsibility for change, but not sure if we can help...then consider our offer of a Free Discovery Session. In the end, it does come down to trust.

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