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It's all about restoring your flow as an energy being

You found us! 

Red Spirit Energy Healing is one small page within 1,150 million* unique web sites currently on the Internet, and yet here you are. Just browsing, a specific subject search or the recommendation of a friend has brought you to this point in time. Either way, you're looking for something, are you not? 

Straight up, we want to acknowledge that it's a common cry within the world of therapeutic change and even performance enhancement, that the only thing holding you back is YOU. At some level, this is true. But you're a very complex being and there are many invisible factors that influence your experience of life. Our role is to determine what those invisible factors are for you, and change them if possible.

Our work involves the downright unusual, and though it's a serious  business, we believe that it should be fun for all involved. With that in mind,  we have adopted a new, retro business card design.

So where to from here? 

Before We answer that, Chris and I need to warn you that we're crazy people...everyone knows it. We have this crazy idea that everyone has limitless potential. We also have the crazy notion that our techniques can be applied to anyone, anywhere on the planet and beyond. So duly warned, you may find some of the information in these pages goes against a lot of common thinking. We make no apology for that, and we don't expect you to believe anything you read here, we just ask you to consider it. In this regards, I offer you my favourite quote.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.  Bruce Lee (1940–1973)

Answering the question...where to? 

That depends on what you are looking for. 

     Do you have...

  • A chronic health problem that you can't resolve?
  • People in your life you can't break free from?
  • Emotional issues that continue to affect you?
  • Limiting family patterns or traits?
  • Misguided energies attached to you or your home?
  • The feeling of being stuck, prevented from moving forward?
  • A burning desire to learn and grow?

      ...then perhaps we can help.

What makes Red Spirit Energy Healing different?

Since founding Red Spirit Energy Healing in 2007, Chris and I have developed a unique combination of techniques designed to initiate healing across all dimensions of your existence. It is literally multi-dimensional healing.

We recognise YOU as a multi-dimensional energy being. In fact, you are a being of light in a multi-dimensional world. Understanding this, we can assist you to access the cause of imbalances in your life that are beyond the reach of other healing modalities.

What this means, is that we can address imbalances in this life, any past life and even that of your ancestors if needed. We can also access your DNA for healing on other dimensions not understood by medical science. And we can offer it to you, wherever you are on the planet.

The decision for change is yours.

Disease and disharmony in life can be indicators that you are not following your life plan. Our techniques are designed to bring you back on track. What can take you off track? Now that is a good question, isn't it? Within these pages, we have attempted to present a better understanding of who you are and what influences you as a multi-dimensional, energy being. 

You are free to navigate your way through our site to discover what you need to know. The bottom line is that you have to accept responsibility for change. We can not guarantee specific outcomes, only our commitmentIt may just be, that we have the tools for you to make that change and to regain your path in life.

One last comment before you continue your search. We are approached by people from around the world, from all walks of life. Whoever you are, whatever you do, is really of no consequence to us. All dealings and information is kept strictly private and only publicise comments if we have written permission. 

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** Image: Business cards from Zazzle; Design by Bradley W. Schenck, Retropolis.

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Mark Pasley - Rocketeer and Energy Therapist.

Our work often involves the downright unusual, and even though it's at times a very serious business, we believe that it should be fun for all those involved. With that in mind, we have adopted a new, retro business card design, as seen here.

Yes I know some people think we're crazy, and that's ok, because there is method in our madness. We do tend to think out of the box, and this gives us a different view from others. I invite you to join us, to change your thinking and to change your life.

One of the concepts people commonly have difficulty accepting, is that of distant healing. How's it possible to affect a person on the other side of the planet?

In reality it's quite simple once you understand we're all connected by energy. However, the responsibility for change and healing is always your own.

If you are prepared to take responsibility for change, but not sure if we can help, consider our offer of a Free Discovery Session. In the end, it does come down to trust.

The only guarantee we can give is our commitment.

For those who are looking for guarantees, I ask you to read our letter of commitment.

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