What happens in a
Red Spirit Energy Healing session?

There are many aspects to a Red Spirit Energy Healing session.Energy healing...you never know where the trail will lead.

energy healing sessions are interactive

What happens during a healing session or what can I expect? These are common questions from our clients, and I tend to forget that an Energy Healing session can be a foreign concept for some people. Therefore, I have added this page to answer some of those questions.

We have developed a huge toolkit we can dip into in order to facilitate healing across multiple dimensions.

Having said that, it's not possible to describe exactly what we will do for any particular person, as everyone is unique, with their own special needs. It's all about teasing out the threads to unravel the chaos. Fortunately we have developed a huge toolkit we can dip into in order to facilitate healing across multiple dimensions. I refer to it as the Swiss army knife of techniques; something for every challenge.

The first point to note is that once you make the decision and commit to having a healing session, don't be surprised if you develop flu-like symptoms or experience other weird sensations prior to your appointment. If that occurs, it means the healing has already begun. Remember, we are all connected more than you can imagine.

The next significant point to note, is that the sessions are very interactive, and this seems to surprise some people. You do not lie back and get "fixed" by us. You, the client, must play your part. This means answering questions and acknowledging the feelings or emotions present, in order to release them. We place a lot of emphasis on allowing the client to take ownership of their intended changes. I know some will have concerns about getting in touch with certain emotions and experiences, and that's okay. Remember, we have a deep tool kit to facilitate individual needs. 

Looking at the big picture, an obvious consideration is whether you are having a face-to-face energy healing session or a distant session. As you would appreciate they have some different aspects. Visiting us for a face-to-face session means you will be lying on a therapy table, so comfortable clothing is a consideration. If you have a back complaint we can accommodate you sitting in a chair. Time with us for an intensive session is around 90 minutes, and includes both Mark and Chris working with you. An energy field re-balance requires about 60 minutes and could be either Mark or Chris depending on your needs.

With regards to distant healing, we offer an FAQ list for download that should answer most of your questions. However, most sessions begin the same way, whether the client is on the table in our room, or we are using a surrogate for distant healing.

We routinely recommend three sessions

We routinely recommend three sessions to clear or reduce any one, priority problem. I recognise this is a rather broad statement. The reader may interpret this as three sessions for every health or life aspect they want to change, which is not necessarily the case. A broad range of effects often stem from a number of interrelated causes or imbalances. Clearing one imbalance usually has a ripple or exponential affect. The key here is that you need to decide what you want. We can then drill down and look at possible causes, what can be achieved, and set an intended outcome. You can always contact Mark to discuss your special needs.

Three red spirit energy healing sessions is really the magic number.

The three session process ultimately, is designed to bring a client back into energetic and spiritual alignment. Any adjustments or clearing of the biofield has consequences and effects. We generally allow one week between each energy healing session in order for the biofield to settle and the effects to be realised on the physical level. The body needs time to respond to the energetic and emotional changes. Occasionally only one or two sessions are needed to get a client back on their path. And sometimes more than three sessions are required, but we usually have a good idea of what is needed before we commit to helping someone. Three is really the magic number.

As I previously described, it's about teasing out the threads and this can be a little slow going in the first session. In the first part of most sessions, particularly the initial one, we look for events or emotions affecting the client. We establish the age at which the associated imbalance was created and then work to release or clear that imbalance. Most often it's within the current life, but sometimes we need to go into a past life. We also work to clear genetic patterns or cycles. Once this is done, we then move to re-balance the biofield to accommodate those changes. 

An Elemental Healing Elixir may be part of the healing program for some clients.

The pranic tube, the chakras, the DNA, and other energy centres, all receive our attention in this re-balancing. Some physical manipulation may also be required to release blockages in the organs and along the meridian pathways. For ongoing support, creating and prescribing an Elemental Healing Essence may also be part of an individual healing program.

Interference will be dealt with if they arise

During any session inter-dimensional interference will be dealt with, when and if they arise. This includes limiting beliefs and decisions made. Where things can get complicated is when we have to deal with imbalances created by the ancestors of our client. The possible scenarios for any one person or healing session are limitless, so we can never know exactly where we need to go until we get into the session. But as I've said, we have a large toolkit. Rest assured we take steps to keep our client safe and protected at all times, in any session.

Each subsequent energy healing session is designed to bring the client back into total alignment, so there will be subtle differences to each session. And as I've said, we usually allow a week between sessions for the body to respond. The actual experiences for a client during a session are many and varied. Everything from odd sensations in the face or head, feeling stretched, rapid eye movement, seeing colours, some physical pain on releasing emotions, to total calm and relaxation have all been described.

After any energy healing session, the effects experienced depends on the individual and what was done. Anything from total relaxation to flu-like symptoms, slight nausea, diarrhoea, headache, and restlessness are all possible. Any of these symptoms should not last more than 24 hours, and we ask you to report them so we can make adjustments if necessary. Doesn't sound much like good healing does it? You need to understand that what we are doing has a tremendous impact on the biofield across multiple dimensions. Some call it a healing crisis but I'm not keen on that description. The fact is, the longer you hold an imbalance, the more resistance there is to changing it. Albeit positive, the body needs time to adjust and heal. Consider it a bit like defragging your computer; it takes a little time, but it will run better after the process.

Special Note: Healing for one member of the family can have an effect and consequences for the rest of the family; such is the powerful nature of what we are doing. Specific consequences are very difficult to predict. There is always the chance of old issues coming to a head as part of the healing, so arguments and friction are possible. Young children often feel the changes in the energy of a parent or sibling and do not understand what is happening, so they can get a little upset. These are all possibilities you need to be aware of...every case is different.

We invite client feedback after 24 hours to see if any additional adjustments are needed, and would complete those remotely as required. With distant healing clients, ideally we would complete a follow-up phone call as per our FAQ. With regards to payment, we do offer discounts for cash, and a fee schedule can be reviewed on our Fees and Services page.

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