Holographic Kinetics Therapy
Healing the past

The past is always with us, and can be accessed using holographic kinetics therapy.The past is always with us.

Holographic Kinetics Therapy was developed over many years by Steve Richards, and it's quite unique. While some of the concepts may be complex, their application is simple. Direct communication with your Spirit facilitates the release of any imbalance and/or interference at the point of its creation. The only surprise is where Spirit takes you in your current or past life, to resolve an issue.

We have all lived multiple lives over thousands, if not millions of years, and not every life we experience is necessarily on planet Earth. Throughout those lives we experience both joyful events and sometimes traumatic events...that's life! All these events and emotions are recorded and stored at the unconscious level by our soul, on many dimensions, including the body cells. This is possible because we are a hologram of the universe.

If we hold onto the negative aspects (cause) of these events and emotions, we create imbalance (effect) in our lives. We are holographic energy beings and these negative aspects can be trapped in the body as energy. Unless we release that trapped energy, it begins to crystallise and cause an imbalance. Any such imbalance can manifest in the form of a physical disease, or over time it can become a limiting thought form or belief. This thought form or belief can grow until it is all controlling. It's not only holographic kinetics therapy that recognises this potential.

I personally have no problem accepting past lives. I've seen too much evidence not to accept it. But, I also once believed that between lives the slate was wiped clean and we had free will over what we chose for a subsequent incarnation. I believed that only in rare circumstances did we retain significant, past negative experiences from a previous life that affect us in the here and now. Although there is the potential to have the slate wiped clean, so to speak, there is also the potential for past life carry-over. Experiencing holographic kinetics therapy for myself has changed a number of my beliefs.

The imbalances I have described can cycle through time, life after life, until we correct them. Sometimes the cause of an effect can be created in a previous life, and initiated in the present with little or no obvious reason or "cause." There is always a cause and effect. There is another aspect to our lives that can be a cause to imbalance. We are the products of a genetic hereditary line, and as such are influenced by the imbalances passed down from our Mothers and Fathers. I'm talking about your whole family hereditary line, Mothers, Fathers and beyond.

This is not so hard to imagine as we are all aware of genetic diseases and how science has often shown them to be evident in our DNA. I believe these hereditary imbalances can be more subtle than a full blown genetic disease. So then, we have a double whammy. Not only do we create imbalances from our own lives, they can also passed down through our hereditary line.

Energetic patterns and influences can be passed down from our Mother and Father.Energetic patterns and influences can be passed down from our ancestors.

So how do we correct imbalances?

We go back to the original cause of the effect we are experiencing. That cause may be an emotion or event in time, whether it be in this life or a past life. Through a simple technique we communicate with the Spirit of the client as Spirit can access the records of the Soul. Spirit will identify an event or emotion that needs to be released or brought back into balance. Spirit will then take us back to that exact dimension in time where the event or emotion was trapped. Through the techniques of Holographic Kinetics the client can change that event or emotion be replacing it with something positive, thereby restoring balance. Sometimes the resultant change is immediate and sometimes it takes longer as the body cells are replaced, free from the old imbalance or memory.

Other considerations of Holographic Kinetics Therapy

With the techniques of holographic kinetics therapy it is possible to perform distant healing sessions. Although face-to-face sessions are ideal, it is possible to work with a person's Spirit even if they are on the other side of the world. For best effect however, these healing sessions require two trained practitioners using a surrogate method. On this same principle of communicating with Spirit via a surrogate, it is also possible to address imbalances in a baby before it is born, giving it every chance to succeed in life. In fact there is no age limit to this therapy. The Spirit of an animal can also be accessed by the same surrogate method to release any imbalances.

One other significant aspect of holographic kinetics therapy is the ability to deal with inter-dimensional interference. Existing as multidimensional beings, we interact with other energies that have the potential to create chaos in our lives. This is one modality that truly recognises the potential implications of interference from other beings, and provides techniques for dealing with them. I believe this is an area that many therapists do not understand or refuse to recognise, to the detriment of the client.

Is Holographic Kinetics Therapy the total and complete answer to all disharmony in our life? I believe in some circumstances it can be, and at other times it simply removes the blocks to physical healing facilitated by other modalities. Everything has it's place and purpose.

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