what's an eZine?
it's an online magazine

Red Spirit eZine articles can all be found on our Back-issues Page.

ezine back issues

At this point in time we have closed the offer for subscription to our monthly eZine. Red Spirit eZine has been a way of sharing information with subscribers who are interested in the work we do. I say share, because we have always encouraged our readers to give some input to this online publication. We are considering alternatives to a monthly magazine, but as you would appreciate, it does take up a lot of our time and finding the right format to share knowledge is a challenge. Please visit us regularly if you want to follow our progress.  

Although we are not currently publishing our monthly edition, past publications with years of interesting articles can all be found on our Back-issues Page. You will find editions from September 2014 to March 2017, so there is quite a lot of information to be explored if you choose. There are a broad range of topics, and it's all FREE. Additional open articles associated with energy healing can be found on the Articles of Interest page.

All e-Zines are in .pdf format

You will need a program such as Adobe Reader to open the files. The icon below will take you to the Adobe Acrobat software page.

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