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This page lists downloads and eBooks for self-help and healing for a very small fee. All prices are in Australian dollars AUD. Most of the Self-help processes require the Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise as a basis. It really is a fundamental for good health. Please be aware of the file size you are planning to download, as it may be a consideration for some devices and mailbox capacity.  Also a reminder that all information is subject to copyright law. All downloads have a time limit, so do not delay once you have made your purchase.

Negative Emotions Integrative Release Mp3 $35 AUD

The Negative Emotions Integrative Release is a self-help tool for clearing unwanted, negative emotions. This technique is the proprietary product of Red Spirit Energy Healing. It's specifically designed on multiple levels for you to actively participate in releasing negative emotions. It's unique, combining Gestalt and Timeline therapy with the understanding of Energy Healing. Available for download as an MP3.

Ahsan from New Delhi comments about his purchase...
"Thank you so much for your service. I just purchased and tried the audio after reading the pdf. I was crying through the mp3. It made a huge impact in my emotions. Thank you so much. I had a very abusive childhood, and this helped me SO MUCH. I feel much better and can't wait to do multiple passes with other emotions. Just wanted to thank you for this. Thank you so much for your service."

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DIY House clearing 
$3 AUD

DIY guide to house clearing by Red Spirit Energy Healing.

File Size 730 KB (4 pages) - Updated April 2017
This simple DIY guide, describes a number of ways to clear your home of unwanted energies. Putting aside any dramatic occurrences, if you're simply not happy with the "feel" of your home, it may just need a good clean out on the energetic level. Just about everyone you speak to will have an opinion on what to do about house clearing, especially if they are trying to sell you something. In my experience, good results are most often achieved by simply smudging.  
# Although not vital, you may also consider downloading the Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise if you don't already have it. 
Process is described in eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles.

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Energy Protection for Muggles - eBook
$15 AUD

Be a master of energy protection with the eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles by Red Spirit Energy Healing.

5.3 MB (38 pages) - Updated April 2017
It is possible for anyone to deliberately direct negative energy or influence to another person. If you choose to interpret that as psychic attack then so be it. However, this is just one aspect of the negativity and disruptive energies that have the potential to influence us on a daily basis. With all that in mind, we have collated our various techniques for clearing and protection into one book. These are techniques that can be applied to yourself, family members and even your home for a holistic approach to energy protection. Everyone can learn and practise these techniques, as there really is no such thing as a Muggle. Everyone has the ability to work with energy and create magic on a daily basis. Accept these simple but powerful tools and you will be transformed from a Muggle to a Master of energy protection.

NOTE: This eBook contains the Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise; Triple Energy Protection Technique; Cord Cutting Process; Cleansing a Room or Building including crystal protection, plus additional information in a concise step by step guide. No need to download additional files.

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Being Human: The contract of life - eBook 
$10 AUD  

Being Human: The contract of life, an eBook by Mark Pasley from Red Spirit Energy Healing.

3.33 MB (69 pages) - Updated Jan 2016
his informative eBook describes what we have learnt from challenging conventional thinking and asking a lot of questions. It’s about Being Human and understanding, to some small extent, the contract of life.
 In this eBook we address questions on life and existence rather than simply conditions of health or disease. Why do some people consciously ask for help and then reject it on some other level? Who or what are we? Do we really have free will? These are just some of the questions we cover. Some of the information you will find within this website, but much of it is not. Being Human is designed to lead you in understanding who you are, what affects you and how your life path is created by choices.

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# Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise 
$5 AUD

The Daily Energy Balancing Exercise is a basis for all healing.

File Size 386 KB (5 pages) Updated March 2017
Nourishing and balancing your biofield is just as important as consuming good food and clean water. Practised daily, this process will help you stay grounded; to resist being knocked off balance; to be less drained at the end of your day; to deflect the negative energy of others; and to heighten your awareness. This exercise is the basis to all good healing & energy management. This download is needed if you want to practise the Triple Energy Protection; Cord Cutting; Intuition Enhancement techniques. It's also a valuable adjunct to clearing a building.
Process is described in eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles.

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dissolving mind loops $5 AUD

File size 336 KB (4 Pages) Update Aug 2017
Dissolving Mind Loops is a simple and effective technique, designed to dissolve the mental and emotional circuitry that can be created from a specific, recent event. Events we are describing commonly occur when experiencing a seemingly, small upset in our life that we have difficulty letting go or releasing. An event triggers an upsetting thought, and the thought is linked to a negative emotion. Such an experience can seem to repeat itself, over and over again on the mental plane, thereby triggering emotional reactions. Particularly so when the emotional assault takes us completely by surprise. On the surface it may seem quite trivial, but it has the potential to loop around on itself. The sort of recurring thought patterns that prevent you from sleeping at night with the, I should’ve done; I could've said; but didn't; type of scenario. You just can't stop thinking about it. Note: This process is not designed to deal with trauma, or entrapped emotions from years in the past.

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Cord Cutting Process 
$3 AUD

Cutting cords of negative attachments is a DIY guide from Red Spirit Energy Healing.

156 KB (4 pages) - Updated Dec 2015
This very effective process can be used whenever anyone has a strong attachment to any person, place or thing. There are times when cords are attached to us by others for various reasons. It's not uncommon for people to recognise that they are affected by someone else, and that the other person’s thoughts and feelings are influencing them, or even draining their energy. This is a great exercise to do with a friend or someone you trust. Also includes an affirmation for breaking contracts and agreements with attached or unrecognised, interferences. 
Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise is required for this process.
Process is described in eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles.

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Triple Energy Protection Technique $3 AUD

The DIY Triple Energy Protection Exercise download from Red Spirit Energy Healing can offer some added security.

File Size 487 KB (3 pages) - Updated March 2017
If you have read the eBook Being Human, you will understand how we are all energy and why a little extra energy protection may be warranted. Note: there is no one practise that provides a complete and total solution, despite what some may say. This Triple Energy Protection technique is a base guide, suitable for most people.
Biofield Energy Balancing Exercise is needed for this process. 
Process is described in eBook, Energy Protection for Muggles.

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Universal Laws of EXISTENCE Free

Universal Laws of Energy apply to every thing in every universe.

File Size 132 KB - The Universal Laws of Existence apply to every thing in every universe, whether you are aware of these laws or not. Detailed information on the laws can be found in our web pages. This article provides a concise description of the laws to complement the other downloads, particularly the Change Your Focus article.
Free Download - The Universal Laws of Existence

Change your focus, Change your life:
The paradox of manifesting $3 AUD

Change your focus, Change your life: The paradox of manifesting; a Red Spirit Energy Healing download.

File Size 190 KB - Updated Dec 2015.
The Universe always gives us what we focus on. What are not commonly known are the three aspects to creative focus and the paradox of manifesting. The first aspect is that everything is Energy, which we have described time and again in the eBook Being Human. You are a quantum energy machine, and you create your own world by focusing energy. The key to manifesting your desires is in understanding the paradox. This article explains the aspects of creative focus and manifesting.
The Universal Laws are also suggested for best understanding.

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