About Us: Mark & Chris Pasley
Energy Healing practitioners

Yes we have moved. We are now living at Flaxton on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, between Montville and Mapleton on the glorious Blackall Range.

Since this is about us

I'd like to say from the outset that we do not consider ourselves as light workers, spiritual seekers, religious, gurus or miracle workers. We do not even consider ourselves healers as such, however that is the most commonly recognised term for our type of therapy. We do have some unique abilities that allow us to work across multiple dimensions, and that's what it's all about. We are all multi-dimensional beings and there are many invisible aspects that influence our human form, which I address in other pages within this website. My point is, we do what we do, because it's just who we are. Having said that, we accept there are many different views and beliefs to be shared in this world, which is how it should be.

In regards to the name of Red Spirit Energy Healing, it's simply a business name in recognition of the energy I first encountered when beginning this journey. It's not a separate or new modality, but a collection of techniques based on the concepts of energy transference and quantum science.

Mark Pasley: Therapist and Remote Viewer

Mark Pasley, energy therapist in Australia.

Mark is a full-time practitioner of energy therapy based on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland. He works with clients all around the world to provide multi-dimensional healing. Founder of Red Spirit Energy Healing, Mark has a unique ability to see energy blockages in and around the human body. He specialises in releasing emotional blockages and clearing inter-dimensional interferences from the past and present. You can read Mark's story here.

Chris Pasley: therapist and intuitive reader

Chris Pasley, energy practitioner Australia.

Mark's wife Chris is also a therapist and reader. Working together they provide a range of services in partnership with numerous earth energies and multi-dimensional helpers. They have developed specialised techniques for working on a client's biofield, whether they are face-to-face sessions or distant healing on the far side of the planet. Working with the energy systems it's possible to access all levels of a client’s existence, including DNA, and any age of life.

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